Android Netflix Malware: new app spread via Whatsapp

Android Netflix Malware: new app spread via Whatsapp

A new malware is circulating for the Android system and this time it is about Netflix. Let’s see what happens and what measures to take

Check Point Research (CPR), division threat intelligence of Check Point Software Technologies, he discovered a new malware on the Google Play Store that you are widespread through Whatsapp. Camouflaged as if it were the app of Netflix, malware replies to incoming messages on behalf of his victims with a link related to the following offer “2 months free of Netflix Premium anywhere in the world for 60 days”. If successful, the malware allows of to execute a series of harmful activities, including the data theft e credentials.

Specifically, the malware was designed to be wormable, that is, it can spread from a device Android to another after a click sul link, downloading a further malware – and therefore, triggering a worrying one chain reaction. It could then perform a number of malicious activities, such as:

  • Spreading additional malware via malicious links
  • Steal credentials and data from WhatsApp accounts
  • Sharing fake or dangerous messages to WhatsApp contacts and groups

Android Netflix Malware: new app spread via Whatsapp

Android Netflix Malware: How Malware Works

  • The victim installs the malware from the Google Play Store, believing they are downloading Netflix
  • The malware begins to “listen” to new notifications on WhatsApp
  • It then replies to every WhatsApp message the victim receives with a preset response
  • This “fake Netflix” app steals your credentials and credit card information
  • The WhatsApp message

    Malware has sent the following answer automatic ai WhatsApp messages inbound, trying of attract others victims with the offer of a free Netflix service:

    “2 months of Netflix Premium free due to Coronavirus lockdown * Get 2 months of Netflix Premium free worldwide for 60 days. Click HERE “

    Android Netflix Malware: new app spread via Whatsapp

    A fake Netflix disguise

    CPR ha found it the hidden malware in an app on Google Play called “FlixOnline”. The application turned out to be a fake service that promised to users of view the contents of Netflix from all over the world on their mobile phones. However, instead, l’app it was actually designed per to monitor a user’s WhatsApp notifications, for send automatic replies to incoming messages, using the content which he receives from a server remoto.

    Android Netflix Malware: Responsible Communication

    CPR ha press release responsibly his findings a Google. The application harmful was subsequently removed, but in the course of two months, the “FlixOnline” app was downloaded about 500 times, probably producing a chain reaction dangerous.

    CPR ha shared i results of his research with WhatsApp, though there is no vulnerability by themessaging app.

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