Anthem director leaves BioWare

Anthem director leaves BioWare

Jonathan Warner, the director of Anthem, leaves the BioWare studio after years of work and production

BioWare, since it was born in February 1995, has undoubtedly become one software house high level. The titles he has produced are many even if, the most famous, Dragon Age, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect series certainly remain. In case you haven’t played them yet, you can find them available on InstantGaming at great prices.

Jonathan Werner, director of Anthem, leaves BioWare after 10 years of work

Anthem, was one of the most talked about works of BioWare. This action-RPG video game published in 2019 by Electronic Arts, was received, in fact, with heartfelt criticisms since its launch due to the lack of updates and corrections necessary for the proper functioning of the base game. Despite rumors of one new version developing call Anthem Next, the rejection of the idea by EA has recently been formalized (here for more details).

Jonathan Warner, director of the first version of Anthem, leaves home and resigns after almost a decade of work at BioWare, the man claimed to have left the software house to “go ahead and do new things”. Whether it will remain within the gaming industry or not, still remains a mystery as it has not specified the Street that it intends to undertake. Stay with us on to stay updated!

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