Apple, a patent for typing on the iPhone in the rain

Apple, un brevetto per digitare su iPhone sotto la pioggia thumbnail

Apple got a patent which will make it easier to type on yours iPhone when it rains or your hands are wet. The technology should prevent misspelled typing and poor screen sensitivity.

Apple files a patent for typing on iPhone when it rains

The new patent “Modifying functionality of an electronic device during a moisture exposure event “allows you to use iPhone in any situation. In fact, if Apple has been offering a minimum of resistance to water and humidity, using the smartphone when the screen is wet or damp is another thing.

The touchscreen usually reads taps poorly, assuming the water droplets on the screen are voluntary ‘taps’ instead. The new technology instead it should recognize them and eliminate the problem. Or at least remedy it by adapting it screen with larger keys and separating them more than usual.

Renders on iPhone 14

In addition, iPhone should automatically change the sensitivity of the screen to pressure, similar to what happened with the 3D Touch technologyh, no longer in use. In fact, to prevent water droplets from being read as fingers on the screen, Apple will require one firmer pressure on the keys based on the type of humidity (light or heavy rain, for example) on the screen.

In the patent there are even three possible ways: Dry, Wet and Underwater. Depending on the conditions, the on-screen controls changing to suit the situation. This should prepare the phone for a future ‘underwater’ iPhone capable of withstanding large amounts of water for longer.

Apple files many patents every year, most of which have no direct commercial use. So it seems unlikely at the moment that we could see this technology on the next iPhone 14, according to rumors. But perhaps in the future it will become the norm for all Apple’s smartphones.

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