Apple includes Bitcoin whitepaper in macOS and no one knows why

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A curious fact is that the whitepaper Bitcoin di Satoshi Nakamotothe mysterious creator of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, is hidden away in a macOS operating system folder, and no one really knows why Apple put it in their operating system. The document in PDF format was placed by Apple in all versions of macOS released since 2018. But why?

Apple has included the Bitcoin whitepaper in macOS

To access the PDF, just open the Terminal and type a simple command that will open the file with the Preview application. As developer Andy Baio explains, you just type open /System/Library/Image/Capture/Devices/

The PDF serves as sample documentation for a device called “Virtual Scanner II,” which may be linked to the Import from iPhone feature.

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IThe Bitcoin whitepaper is nothing new to Mac users more careful, in fact it had already been reported in some posts from the Apple Community and on Twitter in the previous years.

However, its presence remains an enigma: why did Apple decide to use Nakamoto’s document as an example for a virtual scanner? Questions that also raise a further leap into doubt: who really is Satoshi Nakamoto and what does it have to do with Apple?

According to Baio, someone reported the matter to Apple as a possible bug or dangerous file last year. However, the engineer who answered the request is the same one who added the file to macOS. And he did nothing to remove it or to dissolve the doubts. The mystery deepens – we don’t know if Apple can or will answer. We will keep you informed.

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