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LG: the range of OLED TVs from QNED 2024 will arrive in Italy

LG Electronics has announces the arrival in Italy of the new ranges of OLED and QNED TVs for 2024, which confirms the quality of the Korean company's panels and brings several interesting new features. Both for cinema lovers and gamers.

LG porta la gamma TV OLED from QNED 2024 in Italy

The range OLED 2024 at LGcomposed of the series M4, G4, C4 e B4, confirms itself at the top of the premium market for the eleventh consecutive year. When talking about OLED, one can only mention LG. The flagship is theLG SIGNATURE OLED M4, the first OLED TV with wireless video and audio transmission up to 4K 144Hz. Thanks to the innovative box Zero Connect, you can install it on the wall without visible cables, for a tidy environment and an immersive visual experience. And the image quality, which we were able to see at CES in Las Vegas, is truly incredible.

The new M4 and G4 models use the new α11 processor with AI, capable of improving image and audio quality thanks to a 70% increase in graphics performance and 30% in processing speed. Technology Brightness Booster Max It allows you to achieve peak brightness up to 150% higher than traditional OLEDs — and it shows.

LG TV 2024 arrive in ItalyLG TV 2024 arrive in Italy

The series C4 and B4, although equipped with older processors (α9 Gen7 and α8), still offer a high-level visual experience, with deep blacks, vibrant colors and infinite contrast. And then the AI-advanced features, such as AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro. All series support the most advanced gaming technologies, such as HDMI 2.1, VRR, G-Sync e FreeSync.

QNED 2024: the premium alternative to OLED

LG's QNED 2024 range is proposed as a valid alternative to OLEDs, combining technology Quantum Dotthe filter NanoCell and the local dimming zoned to deliver rich colors, deep blacks and vivid contrast.

The top of the range series is the QNED89available up to 98 inches, followed by QNED86-87 is QNED80. All are equipped with latest generation AI processors (α9 Gen7, α8 or α5 Gen7) and support smart functions such as AI Picture Pro to optimize the rendering of details and objects in the foreground.

Great attention also to audio, both for the OLED and QNED series, with WOW Orchestra to integrate the built-in speakers with an LG sounbar, with WOW Interface to control the soundbar with the same remote control. Furthermore, you will have support for both technologies WebOS until five years. There is also support for Matter for the smart home ea AirPlay e Chromecast to project from your smartphone, whatever.

Prices for the Italian market

We conclude with the prices for the new LG TVs for 2024 in Italy:

  • LG OLED evo M4 (97”, 83”, 77”, 65”): 29,999, 7,499, 5,499, 3,999 euro
  • LG OLED evo G4 (83”, 77”, 65”, 55”): 6,499, 4,699, 3,199, 2,399 euro
  • LG OLED evo C4 (83”, 77”, 65”, 55”, 48”, 42”): 4,999, 3,999, 2,599, 1,799, 1,499, 1,299 euro
  • LG OLED B4 (77”, 65”, 55”): 3,299, 2,399, 1,599 euros
  • QNED89 (98”): 4.999 euro
  • QNED86-87 (75”, 65”, 55”, 50”): 3,499, 2,299, 1,499, 1,199, 999 euro
  • QNED80 (86”, 75”, 65”, 55”, 50”, 43”): 2.999, 1.799, 1.299, 999, 899, 699 euro

More information on the LG website.

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