Asus Strix Go Core review: gaming headphones with great potential

Asus Strix Go Core review: gaming headphones with great potential

Asus has launched a new series of gaming headphones called Asus ROG Strix Go. Here is our review regarding the new Strix Go Cores

Asus continues to amaze the gaming market with its own game peripherals bringing an interesting novelty in the gamma Strix. The company has always focused relentlessly on premium hardware for their aforementioned gaming range so that gamers know they are getting the best.

Power supplies, motherboards, graphics cards and more fall under the Strix banner and also the headphones subject of this review. In particular we are talking about the Asus Strix Go Core characterized by the presence of a jack da 3,5 mm a 4 poli and from a articulated and detachable microphone.

Data sheet

These headphones are really well equipped and offer impressive hardware support by only having a 3.5mm jack. This means they work on PC, Mac, mobile, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. They are equipped with a pair of 40 mm a 32 Ohm, with a range da 20 to 40 kHz. This is good enough to give her one Hi-Res Audio certification. Also present a 100-10kHz unidirectional microphone with a sensitivity of 45 dB. The overall weight is also of only 252 grams.

Sales and design packaging | Asus Strix Go Core headphones review

The sales packaging it is the typical one of an Asus Strix product, therefore characterized by a bold mix of black and red, with the colored Asus eye logo with chrome effect that becomes multicolored under the light and in the center there is a beautiful high definition photo of the product . Below are badges highlighting Hi-Res Audio certifications and full compatibility with software such as TeamSpeak e Discord and above all the support for Nintendo Switch. On the back, however, there is a quick breakdown of the main features such as technical characteristics, commercial support and other legal information.

Asus Strix Go Core review: gaming headphones with great potential


  • Asus Strix Go Core review: gaming headphones with great potential


  • Once the box is opened inside there is a comfortable black plastic dashboard that serves to contain the headphones which are also protected by a thin layer of soft sponge. Inside there are also the instructions, the guarantee, the microphone also equipped with a sponge to protect the reception holes e a cable that splits the single AUX into two separate sockets for the microphone and audio to make them usable also on desktop PCs.

    The Asus Strix Go Cores, on the other hand, feature additional plastic covers to keep the ear cups scratch-free.

    Asus Strix Go Core review: gaming headphones with great potential


  • Asus Strix Go Core review: gaming headphones with great potential


  • Moving on to the showpiece, the Asus Strix Go Core headphones feature an all-in structure black ABS plastic except for the auricles and for the center of the headband (the one most in contact with the head) which are covered by a soft memory foam and padded synthetic leather. The headphones look incredibly clean, with a design very fluid, sinuous and flowing. The only details are small engravings on the back of the ear cups and two prints on the pins that connect the ear cups to the headband showing the ROG (Republic of Gamers) crest and logo.

    In the lower part of the left pavilion we find a wheel to adjust the volume, a button that deactivates / activates the microphone, the hole to insert the microphone and the fixed AUX cable. Here, the latter is the only small cosmetic defect since it is realized in plastic, decidedly less resistant than a braided nylon cable and above all it is not removable. The choice is strange because, on the contrary, the cable with “Y” configuration present in the package is made precisely in braided nylon and this differentiation of material is strange.

    Ergonomics and construction quality Review of Asus Strix Go Core headphones

    From the point of view ergonomic, Asus played a good job allowing 360 ° adjustment of the pavilions both vertically and horizontally. For the latter possibility are present two rotating mechanisms which allow you to easily adapt the pavilions to the ears.

    This is important since it comes to closed pavilions, so blocking out external sound is important and will help ensure more accurate and powerful sound. Of course, they can also be rotated fully both to facilitate portability and to wear around the neck to avoid sweating or tiring the ears. To make matters worse, you can also adjust the headband taking advantage of the internal metal band that ensures compatibility with any type of head.

    Asus Strix Go Core review: gaming headphones with great potential


  • Asus Strix Go Core review: gaming headphones with great potential


  • All in all the build quality is exceptional and makes the Asus Strix Go Core headphones light, but resistant and if you try to twist or bend them a little you won’t hear any creaking or classic stiffness of cheaper plastics. Also the padding is really comfortable, it is not particularly thick, but it is sufficient for such a light headset. The memory foam and synthetic leather create a comfortable seal around the ears (we are, however, curious to test them in the summer), but the pin of the ear cups ensures that the weight is evenly distributed. In this regard, we would like to recommend them for long gaming sessions.

    Functionality and performance Review of Asus Strix Go Core headphones

    The sound quality is fantastic, guaranteed by excellent powerful and full-bodied drivers. Then they have a very special feature: the audio is clean, precise and above all balanced. There is no prominence of bass as is the case with many gaming headsets. There voice is clear and it is even more so when playing high resolution audio files. Among other things, there is also a handy wheel to adjust the volume of the pavilions, which is essential when watching a movie, listening to music, playing games or communicating via Discord and the like. The microphone, in turn, is detachable, which is especially great for carrying in your bag or backpack.

    Asus Strix Go Core review: gaming headphones with great potential


  • Asus Strix Go Core review: gaming headphones with great potential


  • Its flexibility also makes it easily adjustable and impact resistant. Interesting is the protective sponge that in addition to increasing the duration of the microphone holes also avoids the so-called pop effect in case of video recording or live streaming. In any case, the input audio quality is truly impeccable: I have used the headphones both for gaming sessions with friends and to take part in important meetings and in both cases I have not encountered any problems. I also carried out some self-tests via Skype or via audio recorders such as Audacity and the audio quality of the microphone is truly remarkable, being able to pick up the voice in a precise and detailed way.

    Practically perfect were it not for a small aesthetic detail

    In conclusion these Asus Strix Go Core gaming headphones are really interestingthe. Let’s start with the design, incredibly clean, elegant and free of RGB lights that could annoy some players or users less more dedicated to a minimal design. The operation exploits an excellent meccanismo Plug & Play with a 3.5mm 4-pin jack that makes them compatible on both PCs and consoles, such as Xbox, Switch and PlayStation, smartphones and tablets.

    The headphones come with a convenient “Y” split cable that allows you to use them even on desktop PCs. Strangely, however, the extension cable is made of braided nylon, while the main cable is not and this is really the only flaw, by the way purely aesthetic, of these Asus Strix Go Cores. The headphones are very light, but just as strong. Performance is excellent thanks to an extended audio range that guarantees excellent reproduction of any audio source and any communication software. Ultimately, we recommend the purchase of these headphones.

    The almost perfect gaming headset!

    Points in favor

    • Minimal and elegant design
    • Excellent construction and perfect use of quality materials
    • Absolute convenience
    • Impeccable audio quality in both reception and output

    Points against

    • The choice of using plastic for the stock cable and braided nylon for the Y extension is strange
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