Match Masters: Free Gifts, Coins, Spins & Boosters 2024

If you’re searching for free gifts for Match Masters, you’re in luck. Here are all the latest freebies from the developers.

Need coins, boosters, and gifts for Match Masters? This guide has all you need to stop worrying about lives and start enjoying all your in-game rewards. Use your bonuses as you like, but getting extra lives with your free coins is a good idea to keep playing without breaks.

Free Match Masters Gifts, Boosters, and Coins Links (June 2024)

Below are the latest Match Masters free gift links. New ones appear daily, so check back in the afternoon for updates.

Free Match Masters Gift Today, June 30

Free Match Masters Gift June 29

Free Match Masters Gift June 28

Free Match Masters Gift June 27

Free Match Masters Gift June 26

Free Match Masters Gift on June 25th

Free Match Masters gift on June 24

How to Redeem Links in Match Masters:

  1. Click the free gift links on the device where you play the game.
  2. Match Masters will open, and you’ll get your reward.

How to Get More Free Gifts, Boosts, and Coins

You can find the latest free gifts, boosts, and coins on the Match Masters Facebook page, X (@match_masters), or Match Masters Discord. But you don’t need to look through unrelated posts—we update this list daily with new links. Bookmark this guide and check it regularly for updates.

Why Aren’t My Links Working?

If you didn’t get any goodies after clicking the links, make sure you did it on the device where you have the game installed. It won’t work if you do this on your computer but have the game on your phone. If you still don’t receive any rewards, the links might have expired since they usually work for only 72 hours.

When do Match Masters gifts expire?

Match Masters free gift links last for three days from when they’re issued. After that, they expire and you can’t use them anymore. So, each day you can claim the gifts for that day and the two days before.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Match Masters

Clicking links isn’t the only way to get free goodies. You can also get daily rewards from the rewards calendar and claim a free lucky box in the shop every two hours.

How to get free coins in Match Masters?

Coins are essential in Match Masters for making progress. Besides daily links, you can earn coins by spinning the Lucky Spin wheel, completing albums, liking the Match Masters page with your Facebook account, joining tournaments and events, and inviting friends to play Match Masters.

What is Match Masters?

Match Masters is a multiplayer puzzle game where you match three or more items of the same color to win against players worldwide. The more players you defeat, the more boosts you get for future matches. As you climb the ranks, you’ll unlock new maps and face tougher opponents, needing quick thinking and strategy.

How to Play Match Masters (Beginners Guide)

The basics of Match Masters are simple. Two players compete against each other. Each player must match three or more shapes of the same color on the game grid to score points, with each shape worth 1 point.

Each match consists of four rounds, and each player gets up to two turns per round to match shapes. The player with the most points at the end of the four rounds wins the match, earning points and trophies. Coins are awarded based on the booster rarity used by the losing opponent: 10 coins for bronze, 20 coins for silver, and 30 coins for gold.

In addition to the basics, there are other aspects to playing Match Masters. Boosters are special skills that players can use once they fill up the booster gauge by matching blue stars. Boosters can clear extra shapes, introduce new random shapes, or remove entire columns of pieces from the board. If you lose a match, you lose a booster, but if you win, you keep it. Boosters can be purchased using coins from the in-game shop.

Players also have access to Perks—the hammer and shuffle—which can be used once per match. The hammer destroys a specific shape, while shuffle rearranges shapes on the board.

Best Match Masters Boosters

The best legendary boosters in Match Masters depend on various factors, especially the game mode you’re playing. However, some boosters are particularly powerful and versatile, making them great choices in many situations. Here are some of the top boosters:

  • Doctor Color
  • All Aboard
  • Foxy Roxy
  • El Magneto
  • Mystery Hat
  • Balloon Blast
  • Paint Bucket
  • Billie Boom
  • The Slime
  • Colonel McQuack
  • Vinnie Valentine
  • Billie Bo
  • Queen Cobra
  • Monkey Joo Joo
  • Butler Bot
  • Mr. Appleberry

How to Get Free Boosters in Match Masters

To get free boosters in Match Masters, you can:

  • Finish albums
  • Click on daily free gift links
  • Participate in events and tournaments
  • Invite friends to play Match Masters
  • Play the Lucky Spin
  • Watch for social media giveaways

By doing these tasks, you can earn different types of boosters, including bronze boosters, silver boosters, gold boosters, legend boosters, and diamond boosters.

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