AVM launches FRITZ! Box 6850 with 5G support on the market

Announced the availability on the market of the new FRITZ! Box 6850 5G by AVM, a fast device designed for stable connections thanks to 5G

The German manufacturer mall announced the market availability of the new one FRITZ!Box 6850 5G.

Mainly designed to provide a stable and fast connection thanks to 5G, from now on it will be possible to reach gigabit speeds even in wireless mode. Equipped with all the features that make FRITZ! the ideal solution for Wi-Fi, the FRITZ! Box 6850 5G is the ideal alternative when you don’t have copper and fiber optic connections. FRITZ! Box 6850 5G is available for a suggested price of € 569.99 VAT included.

AVM launches FRITZ! Box 6850 with 5G support on the market

AVM launches FRITZ! Box 6850 with 5G support on the market

The new mobile network modem integrated in the FRITZ! Box 6850 5G is suitable for 5G Standalone e 5G Non-Standalone and is compatible with 4G / LTE-Advanced Pro is 3G / UMTS. Depending on the availability of the network, the FRITZ! Box can switch from the 5G network to the 4G or 3G network and vice versa. This way users benefit from optimal speeds. The intelligent alignment device guides users in finding the best location for the router and in the ideal orientation of the mobile antennas. The new FRITZ! Box 6850 5G is also dual band and transmits on the 2.4 GHz (Wireless N) and 5 GHz (Wireless AC) frequency bands.

Thus, applications requiring broadband can be used in parallel and on several wireless devices. Thanks to the Mesh, the FRITZ! Box can always assign the best possible connection based on where the device is located. Mobile wireless devices can easily switch between access points automatically and without interrupting a running application.

AVM launches FRITZ! Box 6850 with 5G support on the market

For a Smart Home versatile and feature-rich for telephony, we have the base DECT integrated, which controls smart home devices such as switchable sockets FRITZ!DECT 200/210. An analog telephone and up to six DECT cordless telephones can be registered on the integrated switchboard. Furthermore, via the Wi-Fi network it is also possible to transform smartphones into real landline / VoIP phones. Integrated answering machines, local and online directories complete the wide range of features.

Il FRITZ!Box 6850 5G makes the contents of USB memories available and online, in the local network. Thanks to the media server integrated with NAS connectivity, all archived films, music and images can be distributed on devices connected to the network.

Here is a list of all the features that the new 6850 5G will include;

Internet access

  • Internet access via 5G up to 1.3 Gbit / s
  • Support for 5G Standalone and 5G Non-Standalone (3GPP Release 15)
  • Internet access via 4G / LTE-Advanced Pro (LTE16 category) up to 1 Gbit / s, supports 3G
  • Safe use of the Internet thanks to the preset firewall
  • Secure remote access to the local or corporate network via VPN
  • Supporto per Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS)

Rete Wi-Fi

  • Greater performance and flexibility and very stable connections thanks to Wireless AC + N (dual band)
  • 866 Mbit / s transmission stable thanks to Wireless AC (5 GHz)
    400 Mbit / s speed and wide coverage thanks to Wireless N (2.4GHz)
  • Wi-Fi Mesh: automatic merging of FRITZ! Products used in a single intelligent Wi-Fi network with optimal performance
  • Secure Wi-Fi encryption compliant with WPA2 standard, custom password already activated at the factory
  • Simple and secure connection of new wireless devices in the local network at the push of a button (WPS)
  • Convenient and secure Wi-Fi access for guests separated from the standard local network


  • Switchboard for IP-based connections
  • Integrated DECT base for 6 cordless phones
  • Up to 5 integrated answering machines with remote interrogation and optional e-mail forwarding
  • Address book management
  • Fax receiving and sending function
  • Deactivating the DECT network in standby mode (DECT Eco)


  • Intuitive user interface for all settings in IT, DE, EN, FR, ES, PL, NL
  • Diffusion of music, files and images through the integrated media server
  • Secure access to the FRITZ! Box and other network memories from anywhere with MyFRITZ!

Parental control

  • Convenient and secure allocation of Wi-Fi / LAN access for guests
  • Regular and always state-of-the-art updates thanks to the optional automatic update
  • Energy saving by deactivating the Wi-Fi network thanks to the timer function and LAN performance adaptation (Green Mode)


  • 1 USB -3.0 port for multimedia storage (NAS) and network printers
  • 4 Gigabit -LAN ports for computers, televisions and other network devices
  • 1 a / b port (TAE / RJ11 optionally) for analog telephone, answering machine or fax

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