Elgato: new products in the Neo range announced

Elgato announces new products in the Neo range, including the Stream Deck and the Wave microphone. The new hardware line offers a complete range of products capable of optimizing productivity, at an extremely competitive price

Elgato today announced the launch of Neo, a new product line that combines high-quality performance with plug-and-play simplicity. The Neo range includes five new products: a microphone, a webcam, an LED panel, a capture card and a Stream Deck. All of these products are designed to simplify tasks like video calls and live streamingrunning smoothly on a wide range of systems, including laptops and iPads.

Neo offers the same high-quality standards that made Elgato famous, helping content creators and professionals look their best online. With prices between €99.99 and €129.99, the Neo series offers excellent value for money for anyone looking to improve their workstation. From today, all five Neo products can be ordered online and will also be available at major retailers worldwide in the coming weeks.

Elgato: new products in the Neo range announced

Details on Elgato's new Neo product range

Julian Fest, General Manager of Elgatohas explained:

We started with the basic fundamentals that users appreciate most, like iPad capture, tap to mute, and accessible lighting controls. Subsequently, we developed hardware and software around these fundamental needs.

The result is a new type of Elgato product aimed at a growing audience,

continued Fest.

An audience that may not want or need complex technological setups, but certainly wants to be more professional and confident online. We're excited to see new content made with Neo.

As for the Wave Neo, it is a device with excellent sound and easy to manage. Unlike microphones built into laptops or headphones, the Wave Neo captures voices with extreme precision and fidelity to reality. Positioned with its increased height table stand, it ensures the listener crystal clear sound and reduced background noise. It turns on and off with a simple tap and sets up quickly on any system, including iPad, PlayStation and iPhone. Equipped with additional built-in features such as a foam pop filter, headphone jack and a cable management system.

The Wave Neo allows you to further refine your sound via Elgato's Wave Link app. From meetings to voice chat, achieving professional audio with the Wave Neo is as simple as plugging and unplugging a microphone. Wave Neo is now available for purchase on the Elgato webstore at the price of just €99.99.

Facecam Neo

Facecam Neo is a plug-and-play webcam that offers performance far superior to most cameras built into laptops. It can shoot daily meetings and live streams in Full HD quality at 60fps, so that the viewer can see clear details and less motion blur. With HDR activated, the image is defined and clear even in difficult lighting conditions, such as when setting a shot near a brightly lit window.

Facecam Neo works perfectly straight out of the box: simply mount it on your monitor and set up in seconds. It features a built-in privacy shutter and a 77-degree field of view, designed to put the faces and not the backgrounds at the center of the frame. It also comes with the Camera Hub app that lets you customize image settings like a DSLR. The Facecam Neo will be available soon. Visit the Elgato webstore to learn more and to receive a notification when it will be possible to order it.

Elgato: new products in the Neo range announced

New Neo product range from Elgato: Key Light Neo

Quality lighting is essential to looking professional in every shot. Thanks to Key Light Neo, presenters can make a great impression in video calls, recordings and live streams. Unlike home or office lighting, which can be poorly optimized and emit unnatural colors, Key Light Neo emits a soft, uniform light that enhances skin toneswithout tiring your eyes.

It has built-in controls that let you adjust its brightness and switch between a variety of presets with a simple tap. Key Light Neo mounts directly on monitors, thus saving space on the desk, but it is also equipped with a ¼ inch thread connection that allows it to be screwed onto the most common supports. It is powered by USB, but it is capable of providing greater brightness (up to 1000 lumens) when connected to a power outlet. It also features Elgato's Control Center app to adjust the lighting via your computer, phone or Stream Deck. Key Light Neo is available immediately for only €99.99 on the Elgato webstore.

Game Capture Neo e Stream Deck Neo

The Game Capture Neo is a versatile and intuitive capture card which helps players record or broadcast live like a pro. Without the limitations imposed by sharing integrated into the console. Send two video signals from the console: one up to 4K60 HDR signal to a game screen and a second 1080p60 signal to a PC, Mac or iPad via USB cable. This allows each creator to be able to play all the most recent titles with absolute fidelity, capturing gameplay at the resolution most used on Twitch and YouTube. Because it works with any video application, like QuickTime Player or OBS Studio, Game Capture Neo fits naturally into almost any creator's workflows. Game Capture Neo is available immediately for only €129.99 on the Elgato webstore.

Stream Deck Neo has eight customizable buttons and a minimal design which fits perfectly on every desk. It features an information bar to display the date and time and two touch points that make navigating pages easier than ever. Stream Deck Neo makes even the most tedious tasks fast and fun again, including:

  • Paste some text
  • Search through the folders
  • Manage music
  • Navigate between devices
  • Mute the microphone
  • Follow the stocks
  • Swapping actions and customizing keys is as easy as drag and drop with the Stream Deck app, free for Mac and PC.

Stream Deck Neo It is available immediately for only €99.99 on the Elgato webstore.

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