Azumarill arrives on his Pokémon UNITE

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Ready to put your opponents with water in your throat? With Azumarill you can do it literally, starting today on Pokémon Unite.

Azumarill arrives on his Pokémon UNITE

With new moves and equipped with the Macro Power ability, Azumarill is ready to enter battle in Pokémon UNITE. It is a versatile, short-range Pokémon that is ready to throw powerful water sayings at any opponent. Through the various levels it will become more and more powerful, let’s see how.

  • Level 1 and L. 3 can use Action and Bubble. When it uses Tackle, the Water Watermelon Pokémon lunges forward, dealing damage to hit opponents and rendering them unable to act for a while. When using Bubble, Marill attacks by throwing a cone-shaped jet of bubbles. Deals damage to opponents in the area of ​​effect and reduces their movement speed for a while. Marill can move while using the move.
  • L. 5 can transform Bubble into one of the following two water moves: Whirlpool or Hydrondade. Using Whirlpool, Azumarill can move along with four whirlpools for a while. If they hit opponents, they deal damage to them and restore Azumarill’s HP. The amount of HP recovered increases if Pokémon from the opposing team are hit. When upgraded, the move’s cooldown is reduced and the HP that Azumarill recovers increases. Bolla can also be transformed into Idrondata. After using this move, the speed and range of Azumarill’s next three basic attacks increase. If these basic attacks hit from a distance, they deal more damage, allow Azumarill to regain HP, and can ignore the defense and shield of hit opponents. When Water Wave is Empowered and after being Activated, if the Pokémon hits opponents from a distance with the next three Basic Attacks, the cooldown time of all its moves is reduced.
  • L. 7 turns Action into one of the following two moves: Carineria or Idropulsar. Using Carineria, Azumarill increases his movement speed for a while and with his next basic attack he throws himself on one of the opponents in the area of ​​effect and hits him repeatedly, dealing damage and rendering him unable to act for a while. When Carineria is empowered and in use, Azumarill’s movement speed increases further, and the cooldown time is reduced. Action can also be transformed into Water Pulse, allowing Azumarill to launch a jet of water in front of him. If it hits, it reduces the opponent’s movement speed for a while and deals damage to all opponents in the zone of effect around the hit opponent. After that, the jet of water automatically goes to the next target, for up to three consecutive targets, including the first opponent hit. With each stroke, the effect produced is the same as the first one. As the jet of water advances, Azumarill can make a short shift in the direction indicated. If Water Pulse is upgraded, the maximum number of times the water jet can hit increases by two.

In the end Azumarill’s UNITE move is the Sprint Hydrotamburo. During this move, the Pokémon beats its belly three times and protects itself with a shield. With each hit, he loses HP, but increases his Attack in return. While he is beating his belly, he can keep moving. Immediately after, it aims at an opponent and lunges at him, dealing damage to all opponents it encounters along the way and throwing them into the air.