Battlefield 2042: Game Update 4.1 is available

Battlefield 2042: disponibile l'aggiornamento 4.1 del gioco thumbnail

DICE recently released the new 4.1 update for Battlefield 2042. This is an important update that introduces a series of fixes and improvements to the game experience as well as a series of additional news for the title. The DICE team continues to follow through on their commitment to further optimize and improve the game, and the new 4.1 update is further confirmation of that commitment. Here are all the details about the new features introduced by the update:

Battlefield 2042 updates to version 4.1: fixes, improvements and other news for the game

The new update released for Battlefield 2042 represents a new step forward for the team that is committed to listen to community feedback and to work hard to improve the gaming experience. Among the new features included in the update are several gameplay fixes and improvements which aim to make the title even more complete.

The other news of the update

The update also focuses on the Total War rotations and on a series of balancing weapons and Specialists, to further optimize the user experience. It should be noted that the next update which will mark l is already in the worksSeason One Release, scheduled for early June. For all the real-time updates on DICE news for Battlefield2042 it is possible follow the game’s Twitter profile. There are plenty of new features coming over the next few weeks.