be quiet !, here is No Noise Weeks 2021

be quiet! lives up to its name and launches the No Noise Weeks 2021, the weeks dedicated entirely to noise and the resulting problems

be quiet! has long been committed to offering its users products that are always competitive in the hardware world. Let it be a heatsink like the Pure Loop 240, the Dark Rock TF 2 or a power supply such as the Pure Power 11 FM, the company has always put a lot of effort, the results were not long in coming. Today, however, we will not present a new product from the company, but an event to make users understand the danger presented by noise. Let’s take a closer look at what these are No Noise Weeks 2021 volute da be quiet!

The dangers behind noise presented at be quiet! No Noise Weeks 2021

Nowadays we live constantly surrounded by all sorts of noises. Just think of the fans on our PC, the constant background noise of the refrigerator up to more annoying noises such as the screeching of tires or a plane flying low above our heads. In conclusion, we live submerged by noises and getting a moment of time in total silence is very difficult. But will all this noise be healthy? Can it cause irreversible damage or is it totally risk-free?

We want to give the answer be quiet! during these weeks entirely dedicated to noise, or rather, as the name implies, to its absence. In fact, the company is trying to “educate us”, letting us know what is perhaps one of the least known enemies and more persistent than our health. From today 31st August and until next 10th September, be quiet! will provide important information on its social channels, in the form of videos and articles with daily audio trivia, to let us know the various risks associated with continuous exposure to noise.

Some important information about it is already available on the official website. Did you know for example that a forest with birds is noisier than the Dark Rock Pro TR4 cooler when does it run at half load? In short, there will be endless curiosities in these days, so if you have time, give us a look to understand and get to know the importance of a noiseless place. What do you think of this initiative? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, keep following the pages of tuttooteK!

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