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be quiet! Silent Loop 2: new AiO water cooling system

A new all-in-one water cooling system for the best performing CPUs and overclocking is on the way. It’s about be quiet! Silent Loop 2, here are the details

be quiet !, the market leader for PC power supplies in Germany since 2007, presents the Silent Loop 2 all-in-one water cooling system. The heart of this powerful cooling solution is a high quality insulated pump. The three-chamber design and extensive use of insulation material effectively eliminate most vibrations and turbulence in the pump housing, thus minimizing noise during operation. The Silent Wings high speed fans 3 included ensure low noise levels with high performance. be quiet! equipped Silent Loop 2 with a large contact area so that even processors with protruding heat sinks are adequately cooled.

be quiet! Silent Loop 2: optimized cooling structure with over 120 micro fins

The user can control the pump speed by adjusting the input voltage from 9 to 12 volts. For the first time be quiet! introduces ARGB lighting on the top of the aluminum pump assembly. The lighting can be dimmed individually, with the included controller or via a 5V ARGB connector on the motherboard. The be quiet! Logo is illuminated separately with LED bianchi which can be turned off if desired. Inside the cooling surface in nickel-plated copper are present more than 120 micro fins. These provide a very large surface area through which absorbed heat is efficiently transferred to the coolant flowing through the circuit. For this purpose, the pump has a 6-pole motor, silent and powerful, with three phases.

be quiet! Silent Loop 2: Silent Wings 3 fans for high performance at low noise levels

The water cooling system be quiet! Silent Loop 2 is available with radiators of length 120, 240, 280 and 360 mm. Up to three high-speed Silent Wings 3 fans with a diameter of 120 or 140 millimeters ensure that the radiator fluid cools quickly. The high-quality PWM fans are equipped with a low wear and durable fluid bearing, which, combined with a 6-pole motor and fan blades optimized for airflow, ensures high static pressure and smooth operation. As a result, Silent Loop 2 is not only be quiet! ‘S first ARGB water cooling system, but also the strongest to date.

be quiet! Silent Loop 2: long life thanks to the charging port

Most all-in-one water cooling systems are closed systems that do not allow the coolant to be changed. To increase the duration of Silent Loop 2, be quiet! has integrated an easily accessible charging port in the radiator. A bottle with the appropriate coolant is also included in the delivery. The Silent Loop 2 water cooling system is suitable for all common processor sockets. A mounting kit for the sTRX4 CPUs will be available separately from June 2021 onwards.

Availability and price

be quiet! Silent Loop 2 will be available in stores from 6 April. Recommended retail prices are € 99 (120 mm), € 129 (240 mm), € 139 (280 mm ) e € 159 (360 mm). That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us for many other news and insights!

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