Best apps to record calls on iPhone | March 2022

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Here is a list of the best apps to record calls on iPhone, useful if you want to avoid forgetting an important conversation or a memory of an event or even just to avoid being scammed. Let’s see them together!

In this guide we will see which are the best apps to record calls on iPhone, you will find a list of 7 very useful and functional applications with all their main features. Recording a call can be useful in several situations. For example, it may be useful to record a series of instructions that you will have to follow in the future so as not to forget them. Or to record and fix an important memory of your life: imagine calling a relative to tell him that you are expecting a baby or that you have achieved an important milestone in your life. But also to protect you from possible bad guys who preach good and scratch badly. Moreover some apps also offer interesting additional features such as transcription or the ability to integrate external cloud services for quick sharing and archiving. If you are interested in recording calls on your iPhone for these and other reasons, this is the place! Before moving on to the list of apps, however, we want to give you some initial advice.

Best apps to record calls on iPhone |  March 2022

Before we begin: is it legal?

What everyone will be wondering is whether the practice of recording calls is legal or not. It may seem strange in this age of privacy protection, but recording a conversation or a call – even without the participants’ knowledge – it is perfectly legal in our country. The recording in this case acts as a “digital copy” of our memory, of something we already have inside our head. Let’s say that it would be like considering a violation of privacy the notes you take during a phone call so as not to forget things. But this does not make sense since the interlocutors are exchanging information of their own free will. So the act of recording itself is perfectly legal, the use made of it later on can obviously be illegal.

Preliminary advice

Another important thing to take into account is that it is necessary in many cases enable conference calling, that is, the possibility of including multiple interlocutors in the call. To do this you will need to contact your telephone operator, remember to inquire about any additional costs to avoid surprises. The mechanics of using these apps are usually always the same: start the application and press the button dedicated to registration. Then the call to be recorded is started, if obviously the call is incoming, obviously you will have to answer and then start the app. After doing this, “merge” the recording from the call screen and that’s it. Also we ask you to pay close attention to tariff plans which are applied in order to avoid surprises on your card: in fact, many apps offer free trials that end with the subscription or subscriptions that renew automatically. Having said that, we can start with the list of the best apps to record calls on iPhone!

REKK | Best apps to record calls on iPhone

Let’s start immediately with REKK, an application that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls on the iPhone without any limit and more! Indeed it is equipped with a number of additional features which makes it arguably the best call recording app available in Italy. The first very convenient feature is the ability to automatically convert the conversation into text, eliminating those tragicomic situations in which you try to take notes while holding the phone and trying to stay focused and in step with the interlocutor. It also allows you to insert notes in the recordings and to make backup copies, which can be uploaded to the main cloud services such as Google Drive, DropBox, etc … so that they can be stored and shared easily. REKK’s graphical interface is very simple and elegant at the same time. Call recording is only possible by inserting REKK between the interlocutors of the call, it may seem invasive but it is the only way to guarantee perfect recording. The use of the app requires a subscription costing € 8.99 per month or € 24.99 per year.

Best apps to record calls on iPhone |  March 2022

TapeACall | Best apps to record calls on iPhone

It is one of the most popular applications for recording calls on iPhone. At the first start, just follow the instructions to register your number – be careful for those who have Vodafone as an operator because they could run into problems – and then use becomes very simple: press the red button and you can join the calls to the registration. Finally, you can download the file or send it by email or upload it to a cloud service. The free version has a 60 second limit. Features such as transcription and unlimited recordings are available for a fee with different purchase plans.

Best apps to record calls on iPhone |  March 2022

IntCall | Best apps to record calls on iPhone

An alternative for Vodafone users is IntCall. This app allows you to record calls of all kinds. The app though charge a registration time fee of 10 cents per minute. Basically, to be able to use it after the trial period, it is necessary to purchase credits which will then be deducted. Useful feature if you need to record a few calls sporadically. For the rest, the app works in a similar way to the others: just start the recording from the app and then connect it to the call. The interface is a bit spartan, but functional.

Best apps to record calls on iPhone |  March 2022

No Notes | Best apps to record calls on iPhone

Another interesting app is certainly NoNote. In a similar way to the others, a number registration procedure must be completed and then you can start using it to record calls on the iPhone. NoNote offers 20 minutes a month of free registration with the option to purchase additional ones. Also for a fee is the automatic transcription of conversations. It is also very easy to share recordings via cloud, social and email services. The cost is $ 11.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year for unlimited recordings and automatic transcription. Really very interesting then this application if you don’t have to make long recordings thanks to the free minutes. If, on the other hand, you have to make a more regular and / or professional use of it (for example the lawyer), the possibility of transcription is certainly welcome.

Best apps to record calls on iPhone |  March 2022

Super Call Recorder | Best apps to record calls on iPhone

Super Call Recorder is an app to truly record calls on iPhone simple and no frills. After the usual registration of the telephone number and a short user guide you are ready to use. As for the others, the procedure is simple: you start the call – or answer an incoming call -, go to the app and start recording (which you can do even before starting the call), then return to the call screen and “joins” the call to the recording. The application has a 7-day trial period which is followed by the subscription of an annual subscription costing € 4.99. It includes the ability to register in an unlimited manner. The recorded notes can then be re-shared or uploaded to cloud services.

Best apps to record calls on iPhone |  March 2022

Cally | Best apps to record calls on iPhone

Cally is very similar to the above application. Simplicity is the watchword, in fact, no additional features are offered such as transcription of notes. You can only record calls, however you can do so without any limit. It is free to download, but a subscription is required to use it. We are talking about $ 2.49 for a weekly plan, $ 8.99 for the monthly plan and $ 24.99 for an annual subscription. As anticipated, the app is very simple to use and reflects the user experience of the others already mentioned.

Best apps to record calls on iPhone |  March 2022

CallRec Lite – IntCall | Best apps to record calls on iPhone

This is the Lite version of the aforementioned IntCall. Lite essentially offers fewer features, but pricing plans are also different. The first 60 seconds of registration are free, to unlock the ability to register without limits you need to purchase the license at a cost of $ 1.99, very little. An additional upgrade will be required to record an arbitrary number of tracks. The graphical interface is very simple and allows you to listen to, share, rename and delete our recordings. Certainly essential features, but if you don’t want to spend too much, they may be enough.

Best apps to record calls on iPhone |  March 2022

Further indications

These were the best apps to record calls on iPhone that we were able to select for you. Unfortunately almost all of them require a subscription and free services are very limitedHowever, there are very flexible plans that can easily adapt to everyone’s needs. The quality and mechanics of use in any case are similar, what really makes the difference are the additional features. While it is legal to record a call, it may not be legal to broadcast it or use it for other purposes than strictly personal ones. You can listen to the conversation again and keep it, but you cannot in any way make it available to others without the permission of the other interlocutors. Therefore we do not assume any responsibility for the improper use of these applications. From the mobile devices section, that’s all! Continue to follow us for many news and insights.

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