Best cryptocurrencies to buy | March 2021

Best cryptocurrencies to buy |  March 2021

Are you looking for a new way of payment and investment like cryptocurrencies? Here is the guide to the best cryptocurrencies to buy

Cryptovalute, the word most used in recent years in the economic and financial sphere. These, unknown to many, are the focus of several conflicting views. Yet it always seems to revolve around the same discourse, that is: on the one hand we have the revolutionaries, those who want to evolve and move forward; on the other hand those who hold firm the concepts of the past (and of the present) reneged on some new technologies considered only an evil. We are not here to say whether a world where there is right or wrong is freedom of purchase given by cryptocurrencies. Our aim is only to deepen the knowledge and give as much information to our readers. Precisely for this reason we show you the list of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now.

Some advice

Before going further with the guide, if you need clarification on what are cryptocurrencies, you can read our interview with some experts in the field. If, on the other hand, you need information on the how to buy cryptocurrencies, then you can follow our guide on this.

Best cryptocurrencies to buy and invest in

Let’s see the complete list of best cryptocurrencies to undermine and to invest in.

1. Ethereum – Best Cryptocurrencies to buy and invest in

In my opinion the best cryptocurrency of the moment. Today belonging to a Swiss foundation, it seems to be highly appreciated by Microsoft. Its percentage growth margins are very high and its value seems to increase by a lot day by day. It is possible to consult the changes of this cryptocurrency directly HERE. Moreover, in recent times, it seems to have gotten more positive feedback than its direct competitors such as Bitcoin e Litecoin. The most important news is that it can be purchased on the best cryptocurrency trading site, Coinbase. However, I recommend eToro for this cryptocurrency. The main Ethereum Project site offers us all the general information for this cryptocurrency, promising us several unique uses as well as the 0% risk of fraud.

Best cryptocurrencies to buy |  March 2021

2. Bitcoin – Best cryptocurrencies to buy and invest in

Who doesn’t know Bitcoin? It is now almost impossible as you hear it mentioned almost everywhere. From film to TV series passing through all the real life speeches, the Bitcoin it seems one of the evolutions of the currency that is most dear to today’s consumers. Freedom of purchase and sale, but above all the possibility of making untraceable purchases, is the strong point of all and of this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and today it is the one that is worth the most (more or less 6000 dollars per Bitcoin, you can check today’s value HERE). It too, like Ethereum, can be purchased on many sites including Coinbase, even though Bitcoin itself sponsors the purchase on Paxful. This cryptocurrency, given its experience, contains around itself services that others do not have. For more information, you can consult the site, which you will also find in Italian.

Best cryptocurrencies to buy |  March 2021

3. Litecoin – Best cryptocurrencies to buy and invest in

Litecoin appears to be the offspring of Bitcoin. According to the confession of the creator (former MIT graduate Google employee): “It is a cryptocurrency born from the idea of ​​Bitcoin and improved in some respects”. We always talk about one cryptovaluta P2P (peer-to-peer) which is the methodology with which almost all cryptocurrencies were born. On (it also opens automatically in Italian) we can collect more information about the product, but above all we can download the software Litecoin. The generated coins are halved every 4 years (while Bitcoin halves them every year), this allows Litecoin to keep a number of blocks in circulation 4 times more than Bitcoin, which in a nutshell means many more Litecoins in circulation.

Best cryptocurrencies to buy |  March 2021

4. Ripple – Best cryptocurrencies to buy and invest in

Ripple it is one of those cryptocurrencies that is in the fray but that manages to assert itself, in the true sense of the word. The CEO of Ripple stated that: “Ripple is 1000 times faster and cheaper than Bitcoin”. Not just 1000 to say since Bitcoin at the moment is around 6000 Dollars while Ripple only costs 0,50. It could be a good investment in the long run, especially when you think about how it ended up with Bitcoin and considering the fact that speed matters a lot in this field now.

Best cryptocurrencies to buy |  March 2021

5. Ethereum Classic – Best cryptocurrencies to buy and invest in

Ethereum ed Ethereum Classic they are pretty much the same. Born from the same companies but with slightly different histories, they make the mother code their heart. The substantial difference lies in the fact that the blockchain of Ethereum is maintained by their creators, while that of Ethereum Classic is managed by a different team. The causes of the birth of this new currency are due to the attack that Ethereum received on the contract PRAYER which leads the owners of the cryptocurrency to create a bifurcation of the code and switch to a new one. Many of the Ethereum holders were refunded for tokens lost after the attack, while others did not want to switch to the new blockchain, giving life (through classic mining) to Ethereum Classic.

We don’t know how long Ethereum Classic can go without its core team and creators, but for now it is living off the “name” of the new Ethereum.

Good luck!

These are the 5 best cryptocurrencies that we feel we can advise you. Are you an investor and do you have a cryptocurrency to recommend to our users? Write it in comments!