Best free Formula 1 streaming sites | March 2021

Best free Formula 1 streaming sites |  March 2021

We Italians have always been lovers of Formula 1, however seeing the races has become complex and sometimes impossible for everyone. We have therefore decided to create this guide to the best free Formula 1 streaming sites to come to your rescue!

In this guide we will find out how see all the Formula 1 races on TV and on the best streaming sites. For several years, Formula 1 has practically become a SKY exclusive and only the latest races are visible live in the clear. The situation is even worse than that of MotoGP.

In this way, many fans literally got lost in the street, no longer being able to watch the races live in the clear. For this reason we have created this guide, where we will provide you with both an overview of the times of the races and indications on how to see them on the internet in live streaming. Let’s see what the best streaming sites that will allow you to fully enjoy Formula 1 with the only help of an internet connection and without the need to subscribe to services.

Best free Formula 1 streaming sites |  March 2021

Obviously the streaming sites that are included in this guide are often blacked out, since they are often at the limit of legality! As a result, this guide will be updated monthly so that you can locate the correct links to the sites to see the Formula 1 races in live streaming.

We also remind you that this guide is created for informational and illustrative purposes only. Download and using copyrighted products is a crime and assumes no responsibility for the illegal use you want to make of these sites!

Best Free Formula 1 Streaming Sites – This Month’s Notes

A new month is starting under the banner of Formula 1. The sites listed below have been checked and are working. Also this month you can decide which races to follow, cheer for your favorite team and enjoy everything that the most loved racing championship in the world has in store!

Best free Formula 1 streaming sites: some useful tips

To enjoy streaming sites, you need to have one good internet connection. You need to have a fast and stable enough connection to play video in real time, otherwise watching Formula 1 live online could become nearly impossible.

Best free Formula 1 streaming sites |  March 2021

A slow internet connection could generate continuous uploads and streaming interruptions. To be safe you should opt for a latest generation connection fiber optic which, among other things, will provide you with several advantages. For example, if you often download a lot of torrent files, perhaps after reading our guide to the best torrent sites, or if you are intent on watching some football matches at one of the sites in our guide to the best football streaming sites, fiber will be for you a salvation!

Although at present, finally, there is good coverage on the territory not all Italian cities are covered by sufficiently fast internet connections. If you want to get an idea of ​​the coverage and quality of internet services in your area you can take a look at our article on how to check ADSL and fiber optic coverage in your area. By doing so, you will have all the credentials to make the most of the streaming sites on this list when the races are not broadcast in the clear.

Best free Formula 1 streaming sites, which ones to rely on?

Let’s go into the heart of our guide, with the list of sites to see the races live online.

Sky Sport

This site needs no introduction: it is the official SKY site, and upon purchase of a subscription, it will be possible to stream each race starting from Friday with the test sessions and any possible curiosity about it. It is not free but we have included it in the list for completeness.

TV8 Deferred

Another site that needs no introduction. TV8 Deferred is TV8’s streaming service that allows you to watch the races in streaming even after they have ended. Great if you missed a race, one of those available, due to the time!


Aimed at many sports, VipLeague offers a page dedicated to Formula 1 where you can follow each event. The link? Here it is directly to the page of your interest.


Less equipped than Vipleague, Ifirstrowpt offers a section dedicated to the world of engines where you can also find Formula 1! What are you waiting for? Click here and you will immediately have access to your race!

Best free Formula 1 streaming sites: the complete list

See you next month!

All that remains is to give us an appointment next month with our updated guide, in the meantime you can take a look at the list of streaming sites for the MotoGP championship. Good vision!