Best free movie and tv series streaming sites | March 2021

Best free movie and tv series streaming sites |  March 2021

The best streaming sites are those that allow you to enjoy free movies and TV series and that offer good video quality. There are many sites that could make you spin around in circles before showing you good content, that’s why we’ve compiled the ranking of the best streaming sites that give instant results!

As anticipated before, di sites for see the best movies (and TV series) around there are really many. Some are better than others, while sometimes you might come across sites that promise a lot but offer very little. Always pay attention where surfing the web takes us. But don’t worry, we are ready to give you a hand … or rather, a compass!

In terms of multimedia library and quality, a good streaming site must allow the user to choose the type of movie or TV series they prefer in total tranquility and ease of use. That’s why in this ranking of best streaming sites you will find only sites that offer a wide choice, an intuitive layout and a good quality of the images reproduced on the screen.

I remind you that not all streaming sites have permissions to legally reproduce materials that may be covered by copyright. Consequently, this remains a guide only a informational purpose which in no way wants to foment piracy.

This month’s notes on the ranking of the best movie and tv series streaming sites

We have read all the comments and suggestions you have sent us! Some were really very interesting and, after a careful examination, we decided to give space to the community’s recommendations as well. As always, we appreciate your messages and hope to provide you with a complete and dynamic service. Be sure to send us other suggestions! The ranking of best streaming sites it expands and becomes a little bit yours.

Also this month we are ready to list the best sites for watch your favorite movies and TV series for free. We have updated the various links (where needed) to ensure maximum peace of mind for our readers. Obviously we remain available through the comments box for any problems or suggestions. Good vision!

Best free movie and tv series streaming sites |  March 2021

Best streaming sites: what a streaming site is and how it works

Before moving on to the ranking that groups the best streaming sites without registration and working, I would like to give you some general information on these sites and the services they offer. How much and when is it legal exploiting streaming to watch a film is a rather delicate and complex issue. However, I will try to give you some information that may be useful to you.

To begin with, I would like to chase away the ghost of illegality always and in any case when it comes to these portals. Watching a movie online is not illegal at all! At least it isn’t on all occasions. For example if you are a collector and you have an original copy of the film you want to see, without removing it from its original wrapping, you can take advantage of these services legally. In reality, Italian law is not very clear on this point, as it is not on the subject in general.

Obviously it is easy to understand that if a product is covered by copyright it will hardly be completely legal to reproduce it online completely for free. So, in these cases, be aware of the fact that you are committing a crime.

Another possibility for which it is possible to legally reproduce a movie or a TV series on the net is to get an idea before buying. If you are undecided whether or not to buy a DVD movie you can use these sites for see a few minutes of the film concerned and decide later whether to buy it or not.

This is completely generic information. The law is constantly changing and it is not clear on the subject, so I remind you: our site assumes no responsibility for the use of this guide to the best streaming sites, it is for informational purposes only.

Best free movie and tv series streaming sites |  March 2021

Even on the best streaming sites, beware of web traps!

Not all streaming sites, as stated, they are reliable! Need pay attention where you place your mouse pointer, where you click and which foreign server you might end up on. As explained above, not all of this world is legal or protected, consequently the vast majority of streaming sites, to circumvent legal problems, use foreign servers it is therefore easy to understand that not always everything works perfectly and safely.

One of the smallest problems that you can run into, even visiting the best streaming site, is to be redirected to sites of invasive advertising or containing adult material (watch out for children). But as mentioned it would be the least of evils. The real problems are encountered by accessing sites that all want to do except make you feel comfortable and make you enjoy their content.

If you don’t know the right sites it might be easy to come across trojan, spyware e malware of another type. These types of viruses can become very annoying and affect yours privacy and your PC! So be wary of sites you don’t know and follow the list of best streaming sites below.

Furthermore it is highly recommended to use a VPN when using services of dubious legality and therefore at high risk of phishing, I therefore invite you to read our guide to the best free VPNs. Without forgetting the use of one of the best free and paid antivirus that we highly recommend.

Best free movie and tv series streaming sites |  March 2021

Best streaming sites for free movies and TV series: the ranking of the top 20

We have finally come to the list of the best streaming sites. Below you will find what I believe are the best, safest and most accessible sites to put the above into practice. We will try to check the functioning of these addresses as often as possible, be sure to report any anomalies in the comments.

I recommend it browse carefully and never enter personal data when requested, especially your credit card number. Many times just close the registration window and other invasive popups to continue watching.

But no more chatter, here is the list of best streaming sites currently online:

  • Ilgeniodellostreaming
  • Tantifilm
  • Altadefinizione
  • Filmsenzalimiti
  • Cb01
  • Keeper
  • Filmpertutti
  • Eurostreaming
  • SerieHD
  • Streamingcommunity
  • Best movie and tv series streaming sites: only legal and free content

    What to do when the best free movie and tv series streaming sites don’t work?

    When it is not possible to reach the pages on this list, it is likely that the domains of these pages have been obscured. There are two possible options to access these domains: use a VPN or replace DNS.

    For the first solution, we refer you to our guide to the best free VPNs, which explains what they are and also how to use them. For the second option, the DNS change, you can follow the brief guide below.

    Change DNS on Windows

    First, reach the “Settings” Windows and locate the entry “Network and Internet”. Now, if your connection is via cable, press the button “Ethernet”, while if it is wireless press “Wi-Fi”. At this point select “Change card options”, then click with the right mouse button on the icon of the network card and then on “Property”. Then you have to select again “Property” from the screen TCP/IPv4 and enter the new DNS server addresses:

    • On the first line:
    • In the second line

    To confirm, click on “Ok” and connect to one of the best streaming sites: it will no longer be blocked!

    Change DNS on Linux

    First open a Shell window and type “sudo nano -w/etc/resolv.conf”, which is exactly the command to edit the resolv.conf file. Now, enter the required password in order to access the editor, then overwrite the new DNS in the appropriate areas characterized by the type “nameserver” The “IP address”.

    • On the first line:
    • In the second line

    Once this is done, save the new file with the combination CTRL+X and restart your computer to take advantage of the new changes.

    Change DNS on Android

    As a first step, access the Wi-Fi settings of your device and select the name of your connection, keeping your finger pressed on the screen in order to bring up the window with the options. Then select “Change config. of network” and put the check mark on “Show advanced options”, so you can search “IP Settings” and click on “Static”. Once this is done, enter the new DNS server addresses:

    • On the first line:
    • In the second line

    To confirm, click on “Ok” and connect to one of the best streaming sites to access!

    Change DNS on macOS

    To begin, open “System Preferences” and select “Network”. Identify your connection, on the left, click on it and then press on the item “Advanced”. To be able to enter the new DNS e, first delete those already in the list, then confirm.

    Alternative DNS to access the best streaming sites

    It is possible that the DNS entered previously do not work properly. To overcome this problem as well, enter the so-called Open DNS respectively: e instead of those suggested above.

    See you next month!

    Hope this list of best streaming sites can help you enjoy your loved ones to the fullest serie TV and yours film favorites, without incurring unpleasant misadventures on the web. Furthermore, I recommend that you also take a look at the ranking of the best torrent sites which always represent a valid alternative to streaming.

    We remember that downloading and using copyrighted products is a crime and assumes no responsibility for the use you want to make of best streaming sites for TV series and movies!