Best JRPG video games on the market |  April 2021

Best JRPG video games on the market | April 2021

In this list we will see the best JRPGs to play absolutely! Before starting with the list of the best JRPGs chosen by us, it is good to make some small premise!

This is a list and not a ranking of best JRPG! The titles will be cited in a completely random order. In addition, you will find video games readily available and currently on the market for current generation platforms.

To streamline the article we had to choose only a small part of the vast stock of this genre. All the more reason to take advantage of the “comment box” made available to you. Use it to let us know which you think are the best JRPGs!

Best JRPG video games on the market |  April 2021

The first of the best recommended JRPGs is: Ni no Kuni II – The Destiny of a Kingdom

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is the opening videogame chosen for this special. Probably not an unmissable title but necessary to give the right amount of options to you readers.

Taking on the role of Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, the very young king of the kingdom of Gatmandù, will be an experience that will mark you! The ability to use magical arts and to do battle thanks to mystical creatures called “Cioffi” will make the challenges even more fun and unique.

As you can read from our review this videogame developed by Level-5 is an ideologically Japanese but essentially Western video game. A sentence that means everything but a little really does understand. As said, to deepen these issues, and discover the real value of the game, our review is at your complete disposal!

Without giving you too much (useless) information, just know that we consider Ni No Kuni II one of the best JRPGs, and an excellent video game (although not excellent), which has the merit of being accessible even to newcomers to the genre. The mechanics (almost) voted more to action fights than to real role-playing battles allow a great choice of approach to gameplay.

The animations, the plot, the colors, many gameplay mechanics derive instead from the purest section of Japanese-style RPGs. Playing this video game the desire to rediscover the first chapter will be stronger and stronger and if you have never approached the world of JRPG you can undoubtedly start from here!

Best JRPG video games on the market |  April 2021

The second of the best recommended JRPGs is: Persona 5

Person 5 as you can read from our review it is considered one of the best episodes of the saga. A mature videogame that deals with equally complex issues. An uncompromising style that dresses the city of Tokyo with a noir tint. In the Japanese city, everything is allowed and nothing is forbidden if you know what you really want!

If as the first title on our list ai best JRPG we have chosen a more accessible title with the signed videogame Atlus we make a drastic turnaround. Although surrounded by normal actions, in a teenager’s life, like hanging out with friends or taking lessons from Persona 5 school is damn complex and gorgeous in its complexity.

The actions just mentioned and branded as normal will be nothing more than an excellent stratagem to increase the characteristics related to the tarot of each character and have bonuses of various kinds. These actions will allow you to enjoy the real part played!

In fact, if the group of students (the protagonists of the game) during the day are a handful of quiet boys, like many others, at night they transform and fight against the perversions of a city devoted to sin.

Turn-based combat, enemy weaknesses to certain elements and the ability to use your own “Personas” are the icing on the cake of one of the best JRPGs currently on the market!

Best JRPG video games on the market |  April 2021

The third of the best recommended JRPGs is: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: is probably the perfect title for JRPG lovers who are lucky enough to own a Nintendo Switch! As you can read from our review we are facing a mammoth videogame. Whether it’s about content, hours of gameplay or mechanics, the signed videogame Monolith Soft it is not open to complaints.

A compelling story, it will be able to keep the player’s desire for discovery high. The mechanics of this video game are strictly role-playing but do not disdain an action adaptation during the battles!

The right combination of the right choice and the right timing of the same are elements that will keep every player glued to the monitor of their console (or home TV).

The functionality of the console, which allows you to play “fixed” or “mobile”, will be a fundamental element to satisfy the desire to play every free second of the day!

Weapons to choose and upgrade, party management, the choice of the right attacks to unleash the enemy and the secondary quests (together with the primary ones of course) will keep you in constant tension for a number of hours that will hardly be less than three digits. In short words: one of the best JRPG of the moment!

Best JRPG video games on the market |  April 2021

The fourth of the best recommended JRPGs is: Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

With Tales of vesperia we return to the most classic meanders of Japanese role-playing games. The title released 10 years ago is still playable and “attractive” today (thanks to its re-edition). The core of the gameplay is the Linear Motion Battle System. A turn-based combat system that allows the player to choose the most suitable approach for each battle.

Full of elements in typical JRPG style, it boasts a complex plot, articulated and full of twists! The only flaw given by the age of the videogame is a not too bright artificial intelligence in the use of the party (which is made up of members up to 4 players).

Fortunately, this lack can be (in part) made up for by the ability to control every single member of the team by doing a quick Switch.

A video game that, like the previous one, boasts an infinity of things to do! A disproportionate number of hours that are divided between a fantastic primary quest, many secondary and boss fights (even optional) that will keep you glued to the screen!

Best JRPG video games on the market |  April 2021

The fifth of the best recommended JRPGs is: Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remastered

Final Fantasy X is considered by many to be the last true masterpiece of the saga. We leave it to you to decide whether these words reflect the truth or not. What is certainly not questionable is that this game is a great piece of gaming history!

In this version we can find the obvious remastered textures in high definition. In addition to the tenth chapter of the “Final Fantasy” we will find the second part, which, while not shining, completes any of the protagonists’ events. In this version you can find the full version of the “spherography”. The character growth system limited to the launch for the European market rediscovers all its vastness in this remastered.

A story capable of scoring, turn-based combat, strategies to study to overwhelm the most powerful enemies! An intriguing minigame (as only Final Fantasy can do) and an impressive number of side activities will make you adore the stories lived by Tidus, Yuna and companions through your choices!

The gamers choice is yours!

  • Ni No Kuni II: The Destiny of a Kingdom
  • Person 5
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Tales Of Vesperia Definitve Edition
  • Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remastered

This was our list of best JRPGs to play absolutely! Obviously we are waiting to know which one you think is the best JRPG or which one is your favorite!