Bethesda: The Indiana Jones Game is written by director Todd Howard

Bethesda’s new Indiana Jones game, developed by Machine Games, would be based on an original story created by director Todd Howard

During an interview with IGN, Todd Howard said that the Bethesda studio’s attention is now totally focused on the creation of Starfield, thus overshadowing the development of The Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout 5. He claims that greater anticipation is a necessary and inevitable part of the creative process, since it guarantees the production of quality and valid titles, which can further raise the series themselves. So the next few years will be full of challenging projects for the company and the director; yet, Todd Howard appears in any case also involved in the creation of the new game of Bethesda centered on the Indiana Jones saga.

What role does Todd Howard play in Bethesda’s new Indiana Jones game?

In January Bethesda announced a new Indiana Jones game, developed from the same study as the Wolfenstein titles, Machine Games and in with the collaboration of rinata Lucasfilm Games, with Todd Howard serving as executive producer. In addition to a very short teaser that showed a whip and a hat, that is the iconic equipment of the archaeologist, and the easily recognizable soundtrack of the work, no other information was offered. When asked what fans should have expected from his position in the creation of this title, Todd Howard explains how it the position of executive producer compared to that of a game director.

As an executive producer, Howard is tasked with supervise from time to time the conditions of the game depending on the state in which it is located; in the case of game director, on the other hand, he has a more active role that is carried out more daily. The director hints at an Indiana Jones game proposal he made at LucasArts more than a decade ago, and after the studio was acquired by Disney, the idea had resurfaced placing Machine Games as possible candidate to be able to achieve it. Howard says he is extremely happy to be able to make a small creative contribution to the game, and the combination of the studio’s talent and his own experience leads him to wonder what kind of game can come out of it.

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