Blizzard fixes the automatic purchase bug on Overwatch 2 but no refunds

Blizzard risolve il bug dell'acquisto automatico su Overwatch 2 ma niente rimborsi thumbnail

Blizzard fixed an Overwatch 2 bug that was leading players making involuntary purchases while using the in-game chat. The company has however denied refunds to players who have encountered the problem.

The bug was highlighted by a Reddit user named Dracyoshi. The player explained that, while chatting with friends about the game, he noticed that he had unlocked Junker Queen’s Plutonium skin. The purchase went through before Dracyoshi could cancel it.

However, Dracyoshi is not the only user who has experienced this problem. In the Reddit discussion I am numerous players claim to have spent, in an involuntary way, well over 300 credits for Junker Queen’s Plutonio skin.

The Overwatch 2 involuntary purchase bug

In the post it is assumed that the bug is caused by the chat itself, as the game bot may have mistakenly interpreted messages as a purchase intention.

After reporting the issue, Blizzard apparently refused to refund the 300 legacy credits, claiming that “Purchases are final”. The company has invited the user to provide feedback via the game’s forums if they believe the purchase was made due to a problem with the game.

The latest hotfix, released on October 7, appears to have solved this problem. However, Dracyoshi claims he has not been reimbursed and asserted “I doubt I ever will be”.

Blizzard has already had to apologize for the decidedly unhappy launch of Overwatch 2. The game was in fact hit by a cyber attack within hours of release.