BMW unveils new details on i5, the 5 Series becomes all-electric

BMW svela nuovi dettagli su i5, la Serie 5 diventa all-electric thumbnail

BMW continue to focus on electric vehicles. The highlight will be the arrival of BMW i5 sedan in October 2023, together with New generation gas powered 5 Series. Also, the company plans to disclose the iX2 SUV this year and an i5 EV touring in 2024.

BMW i5, the 5 Series goes electric – new details

BMW will release its new 5 Series cars, including the electric i5 version, at the same time as it did with the i7. The flexible powertrain architecture allows the BMW 5 Series Sedan to be offered in all-electric and plug-in hybrid variants. But also to be fueled by highly efficient petrol and diesel engines with 48V light hybrid technology.

BMW has announced that it will also release one M performance version of the i5, as it did with the all-electric i4 M50. Which was its best-selling M vehicle last year. It will also add one all-electric i5 touring in 2024.

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BMW will also launch the iX2 crossover SUV next year, possibly based on the upcoming X2 ICE model and successor to the iX. The latter model had a distinctive grille, but offered some solid features, including an EPA range of 516 kilometers.

Furthermore, BMW has confirmed that it is Rolls-Royce and Mini to go fully electric by 2030. The company plans to have at least one in five of its new cars with an all-electric drivetrain by 2024every fourth new vehicle delivered as a BEV by 2025 and about one in three by 2026.

BMW’s ultimate goal is to sell two million electric vehicles by 2025 and deliver 10 million to customers in 2030.

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