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Hackers say they have hit Ring, Amazon’s smart intercoms

A group of hackers announces that they have hit with a ransomware the company Ring, property of Amazonwhich produces smart intercoms with online connected cameras. Hackers threaten to publish data stolen from the company. However, it reports that it has not detected any attacks.

Ransomware hackers say they’ve hit Amazon’s Ring

According to a new report published by Vicethe Amazon-owned Ring company, which makes smart doorbells with cameras, was allegedly compromised by a known ransomware operator. It would seem that the group ALPHValready known for using the BlackCat encryption malwarehas added a new element to his site, with the Ring logo next to it.

In a message posted by the group, it is stated that there is always the possibility of data being leaked. And that the ransom negotiations are underway.

Amazon, however, remains relatively silent on the matter. And she stated that have “no indication” of a ransomware attack on Ring. However, it claims that a third-party vendor has succumbed to the ransomware. But he explains that the supplier has no access to customer data.


There is no detailed information on the data yet which ALPHV allegedly holds and threatens to release. It has been reported that Amazon employees have been instructed not to discuss the affair and that the “right security teams” are involved.

Many unanswered questions remain about this incident. For example, if Ring has not been compromised, who is the third party involved? We also don’t know what the stolen data is. Nor what the ransom is.

Until ALPHV leaks the data or the targeted company submits a detailed report on the matter, it will remain difficult to have firm information on what happened. We will keep you posted.

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