BRAVIA CORE: Sony cinematic entertainment

BRAVIA CORE: Sony cinematic entertainment

BRAVIA CORE represents Sony Pictures Entertainment’s offering. A full service of the latest releases with the highest streaming quality

In collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment, BRAVIA CORE is the meeting point between entertainment and technology: an extraordinary offer of films and other content of the highest quality, designed for those who choose the new Sony TV line.

Included on all new BRAVIA XR TVs, such as the recently launched A90J 4K HDR OLED Master Series model and the upcoming X90J 4K HDR Full Array LED, the service offers both a selection of SPE’s latest premium and classic titles as well as the largest IMAX Enhanced collection. Absolute novelty in the sector, BRAVIA CORE boasts technology Pure Stream, which allows you to get a quality almost equivalent to the Blu-ray DiscUHD lossless with streaming up to 80 Mbps, here are all the details.

BRAVIA CORE: Sony cinematic entertainment

BRAVIA CORE: Sony cinematic entertainment

Keith Le Goy, President, Worldwide Distribution and Networks, Sony Pictures Television;

The offering brings together the best directors and the best actors to bring an extraordinary selection of films to consumers’ homes through the excellence of Sony technology and the unbeatable quality of our televisions. The BRAVIA CORE video service, included with every new BRAVIA XR TV, represents the last frontier of the cinema viewing experience at home

Those who buy a BRAVIA XR TV today and join the BC service can therefore redeem films from a catalog of at least 300 titles, including Venom, Peter Rabbit, Ghostbusters, Blade Runner 2049 and Jumanji: The Next Level, using BRAVIA CORE credits. The A90J and Z9J models already have 10 movie credits included, while the rest of the BRAVIA XR range offers 5. Plus, by purchasing a BRAVIA XR TV and registering on the BRAVIA CORE service, you subscribe to another catalog of amazing movies to watch in streaming at any time and for as many times as you want, with a quality that reaches 4K HDR.

BRAVIA CORE: Sony cinematic entertainment

For about four years we have been studying ways to rethink the home entertainment experience with the aim of offering technology so immersive that it translates into cinematic-level viewing quality. BRAVIA CORE is a “ready to use” solution that allows you to see the best titles in the catalog, from the latest releases to Sony’s timeless classics

He claims Pete Wood, SVP, New Media Distribution, Sony Pictures Entertainment. To make the home entertainment experience even more compelling, BRAVIA CORE opens the door to the widest IMAX Enhanced movie collection. Optimized for BRAVIA XR, it delivers remastered IMAX visuals and the immersive quality ofaudio DTS.

The BRAVIA CORE service is available on all new BRAVIA XR TVs. The BRAVIA XR range boasts the new Cognitive Processor XR, a processor that uses a more innovative and effective processing method than conventional AI to replicate the way the human brain hears and sees.

IMAX Enhanced is the best way to watch the biggest box office hits from the comfort of your sofa. Working closely with Sony Pictures and DTS, we have remastered over 50 IMAX Enhanced titles to deliver ultra-high fidelity picture and sound on Sony’s BRAVIA XR TVs. We are happy to continue to expand the IMAX Enhanced collection for BRAVIA CORE, and also to offer consumers what they love about IMAX through best-in-class streaming content and entertainment devices.

These are the statements of Bruce Markoe, Head of IMAX Post, IMAX Corporation. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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