Bridgestone launches its new generation sports tire for motorcycles

Bridgestone lancia il suo pneumatico sportivo per moto di nuova generazione thumbnail

Bridgestone Corporation announced today the launch of BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S23a new radial sports tire for street motorcycles that will be available from January 2024.

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23, latest generation tyre

BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S23 is the latest addition to the BATTLAX range, Bridgestone’s premium motorcycle tyres, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2023. Offering several improvements in performance compared to its predecessor, the BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S23 is a sports tire from new generation, designed for meet the needs of sports driving on asphaltoffering higher levels of dry grip performance when driving on the track or when negotiating the tight bends of mountain roads.

Technical features

Il BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S23 uses a new compound in the lateral portion of the tread to improve contact with the asphalt when leaning and to maximize lateral grip when cornering, allowing the rider to take his sports driving performance to a higher level.

The updated design, which incorporates the technology Pulse Groovehelps to improve performance even in difficult road conditions and rain, guaranteeing riders greater grip on the road surface, superior handling and, ultimately, greater confidence in the vehicle.

Bridgestone is committed to supporting the development of a safe and enjoyable motorcycling culture through its global premium product strategy centered on the BATTLAX brand. Thanks to its motorcycle products, Bridgestone has the ambition to achieve the objectives “Emotion: the commitment to inspire enthusiasm and spread joy in the world of mobility” and “Ease: the commitment to bring comfort and tranquility to the life of mobility”, described in Bridgestone E8 Commitment.

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