OnePlus announces its foldable smartphone: OnePlus Open

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OnePlus has announced its first foldable smartphone: OnePlus Open. A device that offers a great deal 7.82″ foldable display and a 6.31″ external display, albeit in a thin and light body. And with all the features you can expect in a top of the range: a powerful and modern processor, quality triple camera, fast charging. Here you are all the features and price of OnePlus Open.

OnePlus Open, price and features of the new foldable

“In a world where others Fold, we Open“. With this sentence OnePlus presented us its first leaflet, with great ambitions. Designed for multitasking, it has powerful hardware to ensure maximum productivity. But at the same time it wants to appear light and versatile, with a large display and speaker for multimedia. And a great photographic experience: the collaboration with continues Hasselblad for quality shots and videos.

OnePlus explains to us that the foldable smartphone was co-created with Oppo, pooling expertise after the 2021 merger. Oppo has already created two generations of foldables, so OnePlus has taken Oppo’s knowledge and fused it with some top-of-the-line elements that OnePlus has been working on for a long time to provide the best product. The device will arrive in the EU, USA and India under the OnePlus brand, while under the Oppo brand in China.

A durable zipper

OnePlus explains to us that, once opened, the large display is used for the maximum multitasking. When closed, however, it is as large and performs as a “classic” top of the range model. The hinge developed by OnePlus and Oppo is called New Flexion Hingedeveloped to minimize bending on the screen.

Compared to three-point zippers, here there is a “vertebral column” unique one that allows greater resistance. OnePlus explains to us what the hinge uses aerospace metal and titanium, with carbon fiber to support the display and titanium which supports the components. According to the manufacturer, it is the lightest hinge in the industry, but it also uses fewer components: 69 parties, while the industry standard has over 100.

There is one “water drop” shape, which closes the phone perfectly when you put it in your pocket. Additionally, it releases pressure and increases endurance. OnePlus tells us it has tested the phone for over a million folds, to withstand over 100 folds a day for the next ten years. Furthermore, it offers resistance from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius, with up to 95% humidity.

All this in one thickness of only 5.8 millimeters when open and 11.7 when closed, with a weight of 245 grams (a little less, 239 gramswith a vegan leather back instead of glass).

The collaboration with Hasselblad for the camera continues

Continue the collaboration with Hasselblad, to bring all the photographic innovations introduced in recent years also to the new foldable, a true top of the range. It has three rear cameras, two selfie cameras: one for the external display and one for the internal one.

The main 24mm has 48MPwith the new sensor Sony LYT-T808. It is a 1/1.43 inch sensor with OIS and EIS stabilization. Also, find the telephoto and 64MP with OIS and EIS stabilization, equivalent to a 70 mm focal length for 3x and which reaches up to 120x with digital zoom. Instead, we find a 48MP ultrawide IMX581 sensor.

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The main one is a new sensor Sony LYTIA, designed to give the best in a very thin display. Compared to other sensors, it will capture up to twice as much light thanks to the technology Pixel Stacked, with less noise and more details even in the 5.8 mm thickness of the device. OnePlus compares it to one-inch sensors and isn’t afraid to compare it to foldable category benchmarks for quality.

Technology ProXDR Photo goes hand in hand with recording in Dolby Vision in 4K a 30fps, but also 4K at 60fps. Additionally, OnePlus says it has improved HDR, low-light photos, motion photos, and landscape telephoto photos. And then, like all foldables in this category, you can use the rear camera for selfies.

The new OnePlus Open foldable display

The technology behind the displays is really interesting Dual ProXDR. These are two AMOLED panels (of which the main one is foldable), which reaches peaks of brightness at 2800 nits, to see the screen well in any condition. But there is also TUV certification for blue light and you can adjust the screen with three calibrations: High Brightness, High Definition and High Refresh Rate.

The main measure 7.82 inches, it is a QHD+ display that uses Ultra Thin Glass Technology, with several layers to protect the screen. The external display measures 6.31 inches, always QHD+ and same brightness. Both use LTPO 3.0 technology, which allows the refresh rate to be varied from 10 to 120Hz. The external display has a 20:09 aspect ratio, like other OnePlus smartphones.

Attention also to the audio, with three speakers with Dolby Atmos.

Top of the range performance

OnePlus has provided its first foldable with a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, with a cooling system designed specifically for folding. There are 16GB di RAM LPDDR5x e 12GB di Virtual RAM Boost, which allow you to keep up to 44 apps active. The memory 512GB UFS 4.0 (which should be really fast).

The battery is also great, da 4805 mAh, with fast charging from 67W: this allows you to go from 1 to 100 in 42 minutes and up to 37% in ten minutes, with the included charger.

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The device comes with OxyGenOS 13.2, with several features designed for multitasking. It will be there Taskbar, which will show the icon for all apps, the most common ones and the most recent ones (from left to right). Furthermore, there is the “Drag & Drop” function between different applications. OnePlus has provided several options for using multiple apps side by side: even three apps together, with different screen sizes. We’ll take a closer look at the features in our review, which you can read shortly.

The device arrives with Android 13, with four years of guaranteed updates (the 14th within the year) and five years of security updates.

OnePlus Open: price and availability

The new OnePlus Open comes at a price of 1849 euro. Pre-sales begin today, October 19th on the OnePlus website, with shipments arriving on October 26th.

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