BTicino and Amazon: the first intercom with integrated Alexa arrives

BTicino Classe 300EOS with Netatmo is born, the first video intercom in Italy with integrated Amazon Alexa voice assistant

BTicino presents Classe 300EOS with Netatmo, a revolutionary connected video door entry unit which, already called “Evolution Of Smart”, aims to represent a further step in the solutions for the connected home that BTicino has developed over the years. The Classe 300EOS with Netatmo is indeed the first video intercom with integrated Amazon Alexa and completely manageable, as well as with the App, also via voice commands.

BTicino and Amazon: the first intercom with integrated Alexa arrives

Thanks to this unique technology feature, which combines all the functions of a video door entry unit with the potential of voice control, the user experience is also completely renewed. The new BTicino video door phone in fact, it allows you to manage all the traditional video door entry functions (e.g. opening a gate) through voice commands and of take full advantage of all the other numerous functions of Amazon Alexa integrated with a BTicino system, for example the control of lights, sockets and shutters. The video door entry unit thus becomes the control center of your smart home. And for further expansion it is also possible to manage the devices of the Netatmo security offer (eg wi-fi cameras), creating a simple Smart security system. The CEO of BTicino, Franco Villani, stated:

We are investing more and more resources to offer the market a broad and advanced smart offer also through projects carried out with partners such as Amazon. These are products and solutions that open new horizons for our brand and it is our intention to continue, as per the company’s tradition, in this path of innovation.

BTicino and Amazon: the first intercom with integrated Alexa arrives

Just awarded the prestigious iF Design Award, the Classe 300EOS will be available on the market from May 21, 2021, both in the stand alone version and in the Kit version which includes all the components to create a small system, including the Netatmo outdoor camera.

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