BTicino enhances the wired burglar alarm to protect the home on vacation

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Home security is an important issue for Italians, especially in view of departures for the summer holidays. That’s why BTicino launched a new wired anti-theft device, an intelligent device with the innovative integrated MyHome home automation system.

The new BTicino wired anti-theft device

Thanks to the radio bus interface, the new BTicino burglar alarm also extends to wireless devices to ensure maximum flexibility. The central burglar alarm also allows you to connect all the devices of the systemsuch as volumetric sensors and magnetic contacts, ensuring maximum safety.

Il integrated MyHome home automation system can be managed viaapp Home+Control. This application allows you to manage all the functions of the burglar alarm, benefiting from the potential of a perfectly integrated system. For example, the user can link the lowering of the shutters to activating the burglar alarm, switching off the lights or reducing the temperature. And again, the “Night” function creates a scenario that prepares the activation of the burglar alarm system to protect the perimeter of the home.

Another novelty is theapp Alarm Next, which provides constant updates on the status of the burglar alarm system. The user receives notifications in case of intrusion and can manage system activation and deactivation. In addition, the app allows temporary access to assistance in case of maintenance work.

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Paired with motion sensors, the BTicino wired burglar alarm makes it possible to integrate internal and external protection in a single device. Through the external detectors, installed on doors and windows, the user will receive a signal in case of intrusion. The combination with the volumetric detectors indoors, on the other hand, it is able to generate protection that guarantees a coverage of 12 meters and an opening of 90°.

Among the innovations introduced by the new model there is one completely renewed range of control unitswhich ensures better performance. Connecting the device to the Internet for sending notifications is also more efficient and faster, thanks to the new GSM dialer in 4G.

Finally, complete and efficient control is guaranteed by the Home+Control app, with a optimal management of smart cameras Netatmo outdoor and indoor. The app also allows you to control the BTicino smart video entryphones, with the receipt of access notifications even remotely, improving the security level of your home. To find out more about the BTicino wired anti-theft device, visit the official website.

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