CES 2022: here is the first holographic gaming PC

CES 2022: ecco il primo PC da gaming olografico thumbnail

Las Vegas – It CES 2022 is the right opportunity to get an idea of ​​the latest trends in the technology sector, and among the many bizarre proposals that you can come across in the corridors of the Las Vegas fair, the new gaming PCs by ShowcasePC they definitely caught our attention. These models in fact offer a case capable of projecting holograms, to guarantee a customization practically never seen before. Here’s what we know about the holographic PC unveiled at CES 2022.

The first holographic gaming PC at CES 2022

ShowcasePC presented some really interesting machines for all those who like to customize their gaming PC, as these devices are capable of project real holograms while they are in operation. Yes, you got it right, we are really talking about holograms capable of creating optical illusions that overcome the physical barriers of the case.

PC cases with hologram “Solo” e “Dual” of Showcase PCs show one hologram at a time, able to “exit” from the glass side panel, or two at a time, with the second peeking out from the top of the device.

These holograms are created by fans designed specifically for these devices, which matter 224 LED on the blade and spin so fast that they create the optical illusion of these images.

From a UFO to a knight to an anime character and a man’s face, all animations have a unique 3D look that makes them almost tangible, as if they are actually floating just outside the confines of the computer frame. Sure, you may notice a minimum of each flicker, but in general, as you can also see from the video above, the quality of the images is truly amazing.