CHILI: here are the free horror movies on the platform

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Tons of free horror titles have been uploaded on the CHILI channel. Lovers of the genre will not be able to miss this novelty

Perhaps not everyone is aware of the existence of CHILI, the streaming channel for movies and TV series, which allows you to rent or buy many films. All without any subscription, paying only for the film you want to rent or buy. The platform also makes available some titles that the viewer will be able to see for free, except for the addition of some advertisements. Just recently, some have been included, all with a horror theme, that lovers of the genre cannot miss in any way.

Just take a look at the section “Horror Club” of the platform, to understand how many films, more or less known, can be recovered, without spending a cent. Let’s look at some titles.

A cat in the brain | Free on CHILI

A Cat in the Brain is a 1990 horror/splatter film by Lucius Fulci who, in this film, is able to show all his craziest side. The protagonist is Fulci himself who, due to his own films and the obsession with horror that haunts him, is the victim of nightmares. The man then decides to go to an analyst, Dr. Swharz, who however decides to use the director’s disturbances for his own gain.

CHILI: here are the free horror movies on the platform

The house that dripped blood | Free on CHILI

A film of Peter Duffell from 1971. The film tells of Inspector Holloway who, having gone there to investigate the disappearance of an actor, discovers some strange stories about his country villa and its inhabitants. The man will make the acquaintance of disturbing characters and their stories.

Alien Origin | Free in CHILE

Journalist Julia Evans gets permission to follow some soldiers in Belize. She arrived on the spot and set off with her group, she will make disturbing discoveries on the origin of life on Earth, connected to a mysterious alien spacecraft.

CHILI: here are the free horror movies on the platform

Nightmare on the Tainted City | Free on CHILI

Nightmare on the Tainted City is a 1980 film, by Umberto Lenzi. The film tells the story of a reporter, who discovers that a radioactive leak is turning humans into bloodthirsty zombies. He will have to fight to save himself and his wife. Will he be able to find a safe haven?

Metal Tornado | Chili is free

The top secret Elios experiment has an ambitious goal: to control the Sun to obtain unlimited energy. However, when a solar storm is unleashed on the project’s containment system, a magnetic vortex is created which begins to pulverize all the metal it encounters in its path. Will the human being be able to save himself?

CHILI: here are the free horror movies on the platform

Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show | Free on CHILI

It is a film of Gabriel Albanese, from 2010. The film tells the story of a young 25-year-old director who receives the task of writing his first screenplay together with a certain Ubaldo Terzani, an expert in horror novels. The boy thus moves to Terzani’s house. It will be the beginning of an increasingly destructive addiction for the boy, manipulated by man, who knows madness well.

Puppet Master

The CHILI platform also gives the public the opportunity to see some sagas of horror cinema; one of them is Puppet Master. The saga conceived and written by Charles Band, stars the puppeteer Andre Toulon. They are present on the channel for free Puppet Master – The puppeteer (1989)Puppet Master II (1990), Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge (1991), The return of the killer toys (1993), Retro Puppet Master (1999), Puppet Master: Axis of Evil (2010), Puppet Master X: Axis Rising (2012), Puppet Master: Axis Termination (2017).

CHILI: here are the free horror movies on the platform

The other titles

If you haven’t had enough of horror yet, don’t worry, because the platform still has other titles in store, all free. Between these Hornet (2018), The Secret of the Castle (1995), Doctor Mordrid: Invaders of the 4th dimension (1992), Demonicus: the Gladiator of Hell (2001), Ragdoll: Ragdoll (1999), The Supernatural (2019) and many others.

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