Volkswagen ID Code: the car with an eye on pedestrians

An electric concept car that “winks” at pedestrians was presented at the 2024 Beijing Motor Show: the Volkswagen ID Code

Volkswagen ID Code: a concept car elettrica which looks to the future of mobility. It does so not only with cutting-edge technologies, but also with an eye for pedestrian safety. Presented at Beijing Motor Show 2024the car stands out for its futuristic design and for innovative solutions aimed at improving the interaction between vehicle and people. A key element is its pedestrian communication system. THE front headlightssimilar to “3D eyes”, can “squint” your eyes in greeting, but also simulate movements to communicate with those nearby. For example, when a person approaches the car, the headlights can look towards their face and, if they recognize them, they can wink and smile. At the same time, a is displayed on the bright screen welcome message.

Volkswagen ID Code: the car with an eye on pedestriansVolkswagen ID Code: the car with an eye on pedestrians

Volkswagen ID Code: technology at the service of security

The car does not just communicate with pedestrians, but also offers concrete solutions to improve their safety. The side windows, for example, are designed as partially transparent displays. When you get close, an AI-generated avatar appears on them that can provide useful information, such as a reminder to bring an umbrella in case of imminent rain. The rear window, however, can be used for view configurable informationsuch as the battery charge level or theresidual autonomy.

The interior is designed to provide a comfortable and hi-tech travel experience. The four single seats, upholstered with ecological fabricsthey can be rotated by 180 degrees to encourage socialization among passengers. In autonomous mode, the steering wheel retracts and the cockpit transforms into a real living room. The Volkswagen ID Code represents an important step forward towards a safer, more sustainable and connected future of mobility. Its innovative technological solutions and cutting-edge design make it a one-of-a-kind car, capable of offering an unprecedented driving experience.

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