Cisco: cybercrime is also growing due to artificial intelligence

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Ciscoa technology leader in global cybersecurity, warns of the threat ofartificial intelligence as an increasingly widespread tool in the cybercrimine. But AI also plays a crucial role between businesses and law enforcement, as well as fundamental for cybersecurity.

Cisco: cybercrime is also growing due to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence may represent a fundamental technological revolution as well as one of the industry’s worst threats. A fertile ground for cybercriminals who use it and which is increasingly worrying companies. If on one hand AI is already a reality in cybersecuritywith its use among companies and law enforcement agencies, is also becoming increasingly widespread among cybercriminals.

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Artificial intelligence allows you to develop more sophisticated phishing and social attacks, deceptive websites and incredibly realistic deepfakes. With this technology, cyber criminals are able to develop malware that is more adaptable and difficult to detect, also thanks to the ability to mutate with specific mechanisms. These are, in fact, intelligent malware capable of adapting to the target and escaping detection by hiding behind benign applications.

To respond to the worrying evolution of cyber threats, professionals and law enforcement can leverage AI to develop innovative tools and strategies. AI delivers great potential in cybersecurity, thanks to the automated analysis of large amounts of data and predictive analysis. For example, solutions like Cisco Secure Endpoint and Cisco Umbrella use artificial intelligence to detect and mitigate suspicious behavior. This allows you to quickly identify threats and provide useful information on the tools used by hackers.

As cybercriminals improve their tools, artificial intelligence will be critical to thwarting their activities. Indeed, it will have a crucial role in cybersecurity of the futurein an increasingly secure digital ecosystem.

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