Cities: Skylines – What you need to know about the upcoming Airports DLC

Airports: trailer e dettagli sul nuovo DLC di Cities: Skylines in uscita a gennaio thumbnail

Get ready to take off and land as the new Airports DLC arrives in Cities: Skylines starting January 25th. In the meantime, we propose the reveal trailer and reveal what it is.

Cities: Skylines – The trailer for the new Airports DLC is here

Gamers are requested to fasten their seat belts, return the gaming chairs to an upright position and close the folding table, because the new DLC of Cities: Skylines will land on all platforms shortly. But how soon? Well just over a month: Airports DLC will be officially released on January 25, 2022, to start the new year in take-off mode.

Airports is a brand new expansion to the game that focuses on the wonders and logistics of modern air travel. The DLC will be available simultaneously on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With this latest expansion, the acclaimed city management title will allow architects to create and manage cutting-edge travel hubs to be placed in their pristine cities. Now please prepare your boarding passes, because at the techprincess gate there is the official reveal trailer.

The Airports expansion includes:

  • Modular airport building: Position and design your airport, connecting its various buildings
  • Airport progression: If your airport gets the approval of both business travelers and tourists, you will be rewarded with expanded construction options and larger airplanes, creating a boon to the local travel industry.
  • Public transport: Make life easier for potential travelers by placing dedicated airport buildings, allowing you to connect your airport to the city through the game’s basic transport types such as bus, subway and train stations.
  • Air freight traffic: Tired of hiding your freight terminals on the outskirts of your city? Create cargo terminals connected to the largest airport complex that visually fit into other airport buildings, eliminating damage when transporting new goods and materials.