Coin Master Free Spins Links (23 January 2022)

One of the easiest and best way to claim coin master free 100 to 400 spins daily is by keeping eye on this article which gets updated several times in a day with new reward links. The steps to claim daily new free spins and coins links of coin master is by redeeming code which has been shared below.

How to get Daily Coin Master Free Spins Links

22 January 2022RewardCoin Master Free Spin Links
5th Link25 SpinRedeem Reward
4th Link 25 SpinRedeem Reward
3rd Link 25 SpinRedeem Reward
2nd Link25 SpinRedeem Reward
1st Link25 SpinRedeem Reward
21 January 2022RewardCoin Master Free Spin Links
5th Link25 SpinRedeem Reward
4th Link10 Spins & 2M CoinsRedeem Reward
3rd Link 3.6M CoinsRedeem Reward
2nd Link25 SpinRedeem Reward
1st Link25 SpinRedeem Reward

Coin Master promo codes and free spins January 2022 links can be redeem daily and this free spin links expires in 3 days. After 3 days, the link won’t work and shows a message it has expired and you wont get extra spins bonus. Also keep in mind that links are getting shared over many social media websites like facebook, twitter and instagram. Hence if you redeem the reward from other source you would get a message this link is already been used. So always collect free spins reward from us as we publish it the very quickly once they are available.

How to get more spins for free on Coin Master?

Beside daily coin master free spins and promo codes, you can get more spins by many ways which would help you to complete your event successfully and help to go long in coin master game. These 6 ways are very professional coin master tips and tricks of 2022 followed by all cm pro players.

Coin master free spin links are redeemable in all 14 languages which are currently available in Coin master:- English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesia, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Malay, Russian, Polish and Turkish. Coin master players from any country of the world can use this free spins in their coin master game and get 100 spins daily.

Coin Master Free Spins Tips & Tricks

Below are the 6 easiest ways to get extra coin master free spins daily.

1. By Adding Many friends in Coin Master

There is a lot of advantages and some disadvantages of adding many friends in coin master. The major advantage is you can get daily 180 spins for free from your coin master friends. In coin master friends can send 1 spin to his every friend which are present in his list and the maximum one can make friends is 180. So there are many coin master players are looking for new friends by whom they can get free spins. You just need to find some coin master groups in facebook and ask to get friends in coin master. Thats it and enjoy your daily 180 free spins.

Disadvantage is they can also attack your village, so always remove that friends who keep attacking on your village or ask them not to attack.

Note: Sending spins and coins to your friend wont deduct from your total spins.

2. Always try to Play in Reward Mania

Reward Mania is the extra bonus which you can get by completing your target during mania comes. Reward mania is an amazing concept made by coin master, there is almost 10-20% extra spin bonus you can get if you complete your target during reward mania. Reward mania usually come 5 to 6 times in a day for 1 hour each and 100% in the end of all tournaments.

3. Always Complete your Card Sets in Set Blast

Set Blast gives you 30% extra rewards if you complete your card sets during set blast. So if you are completing your card set of 1000 spins, you will get extra 300 spins if you do that in Set Blast. So whenever your about to complete your set, try to wait for set blast to pop up. It mostly comes once in 2 days for 2-3 hours.

4. Trade your duplicate cards

Coin Master has a very good option to trade all our duplicate cards which are of no use for amazing chests. The more number of duplicate card you have, the bigger chest you will get in return. For 75 stars of cards you will get a chest of 10-100 spins, for 750 stars 50 to 500 spins chest and for 3000 stars of cards you will get 100 to 1000 spins of chest, also chance of getting joker card which is 1 out of 50 chest contains.

5. Completing You village in Village Master

Usually, we finish building our village as soon as we get the number of coins needed for a village, but if you keep holding your coins and wait for village master to pop up, you can you spins from 10 to 1200 spins for free. The number of spins is depends on the level of your village. The higher village level the bigger reward will get. Village master comes more frequently than set blast.

6. Request for spin in your team

In the recent update of coin master, you can join or create your own team. There is an option to request for spins from your team members. In total you can get 24 spins for free daily by your team mates. You can ask for 8 spins in every 8 hours.


So in total, you can get 300 to 800 coin master free spins daily just by following this tips and tricks. I hope this guide helps you to find some hidden tricks of extra spins from coin master.

  1. 100 Spins by using our coin master free spin promo code links
  2. 180 spins from your coin master friends
  3. 10% extra from reward mania
  4. 30% extra from set blast
  5. Around 200 spins by trading duplicate cards
  6. 40 to 400 extra spins by completing village in village master
  7. 24 spins from your team mates.

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