Make Mother's Day special with Ezviz

Make Mother's Day special with Ezviz. The company knows how busy mothers are and has created products for them that can make cleaning the house simple and less tiring.

Ezviz understands mothers' busy schedules and wants to accompany them by offering products that simplify household cleaning, making it less tiring. For this reason he created the RE4 Plus, the ideal companion for mothers looking for a little rest. Offering automatic home cleaning with advanced technology. Thanks to LDS LIDAR technology and autonomous navigation system, this robot vacuum cleaner carefully plans the floor cleaning route. With the Ezviz app, you can manage the robot remotely, even when you are not at home, and activate personalized cleaning programs.

Its autonomy is guaranteed by the bag emptying base, which allows the robot to last up to 90 days without needing to be emptied. Also, RE4 Plus is able to avoid obstacles, mops the floor silently and integrates easily with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. The recommended retail price for RE4 Plus is €450.00.

Make Mother's Day special with EzvizMake Mother's Day special with Ezviz

The other Ezviz products for Mother's Day

RE5 is a compact and simple robot designed to effectively clean every space in the house. Equipped with advanced LDS LiDAR technology and infrared detectors, RE5 can move nimbly throughout your home while avoiding obstacles in real time. Its orientation ability was rated as essential by 55% of respondents in research conducted by Ezviz and YouGov in February 2024. Furthermore, RE5's compact and practical design makes it suitable for different types of homes. With a recommended retail price of €399.99RE5 is the perfect gift to support mothers in cleaning floors.

RH2 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning a breeze. Equipped with professional quality washing and drying functionality. This vacuum cleaner is able to tidy up your home in a short time, eliminating dirt and bacteria thanks to the self-cleaning function. Its ability to guarantee a high level of domestic hygiene was recognized as a priority by 55% of Italians in research conducted by Ezviz and YouGov in February 2024. With smart features and noise canceling technologiesRH2 offers a high-quality user experience. With a recommended retail price of €499.99RH2 is the must-have tool for smart mothers who want sparkling floors without effort.

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