Creative Zen Hybrid Pro: the future of audio

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Creative Technology announces the launch of new wireless headphones Creative Zen Hybrid Pro. These are the models, Creative Zen Hybrid ProClassic e Creative Zen Hybrid ProSXFI, all adorned with a new finish with a fascinating design. Equipped with interesting features such as hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Ambient Mode. As well as a powerful 40mm Neodymium driver and an impressive battery life of up to 100 hours. These new headphones are perfect for everyday adventures, from city life to movie nights and gaming.

Creative Zen Hybrid Pro: Impeccable sound quality with new technologies

This groundbreaking launch also marks the advent of a new era in wireless audio. This latest range of Creative Zen Hybrid Pro headphones takes advantage of LE Audio (Low Energy Audio) to deliver impeccable sound quality. As well as ultra-low latency streaming and multi-streaming versatility for a truly superior audio experience.

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To complete this launch, we find the brand new transmitters audio Creative BT-L3 e Creative BT-L4. They serve as a gateway to unlock the core features of LE Audio and Super X-Fi technology, as well as a pathfinder for an expanding LE Audio ecosystem.

Creative Zen Hybrid Pro: the power of LE Audio

LE Audio technology is changing the game in the audio industry, aiming to transform the way users experience wireless audio. This technology delivers improved next-generation wireless audio performance at lower bit rates. Beyond the classic Bluetooth technology that users have become accustomed to over the years. In short, LE Audio not only improves audio performance, but It also extends battery life. Ensuring a seamless and seamless listening experience.

With LE Audio, the ability to share audio experiences takes on a new dimension. With support for both modes unicast That broadcast, you can enjoy your chosen audio streams privately or share them across multiple devices. Bringing you to a new level of convenience and versatility.

On the other hand, Broadcast mode allows audio to be broadcast to multiple devices in a one-to-many fashion. Through Broadcast mode, users can seamlessly tune into public audio streams or capture audio from public television screens. Transforming LE Audio-enabled devices into audio portals collective listening.

Finally, the Ultra-Low Latency (ULL) mode ensures extraordinarily smooth audio playback, boasting a latency of just ~20 ms. This feature not only ensures flawless synchronization but also redefines the audio experience for both movie buffs and avid gamers.

Headphones suitable for every adventure

The Creative Zen Hybrid Pro wireless headphones and their companion models, Creative Zen Hybrid ProClassic and Creative Zen Hybrid ProSXFI, have all the hallmarks of the perfect pair of headphones ready for any audio adventure, from normal daily runs to immersive gaming sessions. Each version of these cutting-edge headphones adapts to different audio preferences and needs.

In particular, the Creative Zen Hybrid Pro model is PRONTO for LE Audio, which serves as the foundation for accessing the world of LE Audio. To take advantage of this feature, you can easily activate it when paired with i Creative BT-L3 and Creative BT-L4 audio transmitters, which are conveniently included in the Creative Zen Hybrid ProClassic and Creative Zen Hybrid ProSXFI headphone packages, respectively.

The features of the new wireless headphones

Additionally, the latest Creative Zen Hybrid Pro boasts a number of key features, including Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient Modeoffering the flexibility to fully immerse yourself in audio or remain aware of your surroundings with modes that seamlessly adapt to any need.

It is also equipped with customized and powerful yet lightweight 40mm Neodymium drivers, which ensure that every note is reproduced with power and precision, offering a rich and immersive sound experience.

Users can also enjoy crystal-clear call quality thanks to the integration of advanced AI-based noise cancellation technology and Deep Neural Network (DNN)which allows you to hear conversations clearly and distinctly, even in crowded environments.

Designed for seamless use on the go, Creative Zen Hybrid Pro It also boasts an impressive battery life of up to 100 hours, perfect for extended trips. Switching between devices is made equally easy thanks to Bluetooth 5.3 and multipoint connectivity. Additionally, its sleek and lightweight construction also provides comfort during audio experiences, making it easy to carry your favorite songs wherever you go.

Customizable RGB LED lights

Adding a touch of personal style, the luci LED RGB Customizable allow you to tailor the headphones to your own unique style. You can also further refine the audio experience through the Creative app’s customizable equalizers and controls.

Creative Zen Hybrid ProClassic

For users seeking a superior audio experience, the included options open the door to the world of LE Audio and Super X-Fi. The version Creative Zen Hybrid ProClassic offers an enhanced and versatile audio solution that includes the Creative BT-L3 audio transmitter, which unlocks the potential of LE Audio, as well as a detachable boom microphone, creating a complete audio experience ideal for entertainment and seamless communication.

Creative Zen Hybrid ProSXFI

Creative Zen Hybrid ProSXFI It’s built for gamers and offers the best of both worlds, allowing users to experience both the magic of LE Audio and Super X-Fi with the Creative BT-L4 audio transmitter. The Super The package also includes a detachable boom microphone for better voice detection and clarity for clearer in-game chat.

Prices and availability

Enter the future of wireless audio and pre-order now to gain exclusive access to the latest range of Creative Zen Hybrid Pro headphones available on the official website.

The Creative Zen Hybrid Pro they are priced at € 99,99. The Creative Zen Hybrid ProClassic they are priced at 129,99. The Creative Zen Hybrid ProSXFI they are priced at 149,99 and are available on the official website.

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