CrossClimate Camping Michelin thinks of campers

CrossClimate Camping: ecco lo pneumatico per camper "all-season" di Michelin thumbnail

Michelin markets its CrossClimate Camping, a unique all-season tire on the market. It has been specially designed for RV users to enable them to overcome all weather conditions during their travels.

To develop the CrossClimate Campingthe engineers of the Michelin Research & Development Center, have put all the problems that motorhomes face.. One of the most encountered concerns users who drive little and leave their own immobilized vehicle sometimes for long months, especially during the winter season. Without moving regularly, the tires can be deformed by the weight of the vehicle, with a distribution of the masses sometimes not ideal depending on the location of the reserves of fuel, water, gas cylinders without forgetting the battery (or batteries).

Much work has therefore been done on the carcass identified by a CP markinglike the Michelin Agilis Camping summer tires already on the market for some years as original equipment.

His reinforced hips materialized by slabs on the sides, guarantee a better resistance to road damage (holes, curbs) e prolonged parking . They are also appreciated, steering wheel in hand, to improve vehicle handling when fully loaded. CrossClimate Camping is visually distinguished by its tread. This uses a V-shaped design, called Michelin V-Shaped Technology. It is inspired by the Michelin Agilis Alpin winter tire. It is therefore perfectly suited for use in all seasons. Furthermore, the new tire is based on a compound that offers a good abrasion resistancethanks to its technology directly inspired by that of truck tires.

CrossClimate Camping, no problem in any weather condition

His large gussets e the wide grooves allow you to drive on dry, wet or snowy surfaces while maintaining maximum grip when accelerating or braking. This technology improves handling and control on very different terrains (grass, mud, gravel, dirt) regularly encountered by RV owners.

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Classified A in grip on wet ground, according to the European labeling, the CrossClimate Camping offers greater security and simplifies the life of its users. It is not no longer need to change tires depending on the destination. Thanks to 3PMSF certificationyou can drive your own camper on snowy or icy roads without chains without incurring penalties.

Since its launch in early March, CrossClimate Camping has been marketed by the Clermont-based manufacturer in four sizes (195/75 R16 CP 107 / 105R TL; 215/75 R16 CP 113 / 111R TL; 225/65 R16 CP 112 / 110R TL; 235/65 R16 CP 115 / 113R TL) to adapt to the largest number of carriers on the recreational vehicle market (Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper, Peugeot Boxer, Ford Transit).

Four more references will follow by summer 2022 (215/70 R15 CP 109 / 107R TL; 225/70 R15 CP 112 / 110R TL; 225/75 R16 CP 116 / 114R TL; 225/75 R16 CP 118 / 116R TL) to cover almost 99% of requests.