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Elden Ring: Boss memories and how to duplicate them, the guide

In Elden Ring in fact it is possible to duplicate the Memories of the Bosses through a precise game mechanics, without using any type of cheat, although obviously with some limits. Let’s find out how to make use of this important feature and where to find the places that will allow us to obtain everything that the most powerful creatures of Elden Ring have to offer.

Elden Ring: how to duplicate Boss Memories

The first thing to know about duplicating Memories of the Bosses of the game is that it can be implemented through the living mausoleums scattered around the map, in which you will surely have come across in your wandering around the interregnum. What you may not know, however, is that these mausoleums can be lowered, then entered and interacted with a altarwhich will open a menu that will allow the duplication of a remembrance of a boss of our choice for one and only time per mausoleum.

These mausoleums are 7 in all, while the bosses of the game who reward us with a remembrance once defeated are 15, which is why, if you want to duplicate one, the advice is to choose wisely, also because not all mausoleums duplicate all the memories.

Elden Ring Remembrance of the Bosses

Or rather, those with the bell do, those without instead offer a more limited selection, and are unable to duplicate those of the most powerful creatures. Anyway, how do you get them off? Simple you will have to hit the accumulations of skulls spread over their body until they decide to sit down. In most cases, doing this is very easy, but there are some of them where the process becomes quite counterintuitive.

The living mausoleums

The first mausoleum is obviously the one located south of Sepulchrid, in the Wailing Peninsula, and is probably also the first one you met on your adventure. He has skulls on his legs, so getting him down should be very easy.

Two others are located in Liurnia, in the area of ​​the mausoleum complex. These also have skulls on their legs, so nothing to report in this case, except that they jump all the time and if they catch you they will probably make you restart from the nearest grace.

A Liurnia there is also a third mausoleum, located in the lake near the academy: he does not have skulls on his legs, but on the contrary they are located in the upper part of his body. To reach them we will have to wait for it to move towards the spirit gayser near the cliff and then use it to take a huge leap and land on its back.

Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula Walking Mausoleum

The next mausoleum is instead located atAbyss between the Roots, an area accessible after completing Nokron Eternal City. He also has the skulls at the top, so we will have to reach him by passing through the nearby roots and then jump on top of him from here.

The last two are both at Peaks of the Giants. The first just outside Castel Sol, is practically impossible to miss, and is identical to the one located in Sepolcride with the skulls on the legs. The second, however, is located in a secret area, of the peaks, accessible only if you have completed the Secret Pendant of the Sacred Tree, of which you will find half in the village of albinaurs and one in Castel Sol. The mausoleum is located north of the map and be careful because it will continuously launch magical broadsides. His skulls are always on his legs.

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