DAZN: officially confirmed the arrival of the compensation

DAZN: confermato ufficialmente l'arrivo degli indennizzi thumbnail

DAZN continues to be in the eye of the storm, with its problems in broadcasting Serie A matches: just yesterday, in fact, a new blackout occurred, which led the company to consider the possibility of starting to distribute compensation. It is not clear whether the origin of the problem has been identified.

DAZN: compensation for blackouts arrives

Confirmation of the company’s willingness to pay compensation to affected users arrived yesterday via the official Twitter profile. Here is what we read in the Tweet: “We have encountered a problem with the app. We have taken steps to resolve it and we apologize to all of you for what happened. All impacted users will be contacted to receive compensation“.

For all those who are continuing to have problems in enjoying Serie A matches, the DAZN invited you to try close and reopen the application, even if it seems a bit too simplistic, given the big disruptions that are continuing to occur throughout Italy.

On the other hand, yesterday, 23 September, there were many inconveniences. For the uninitiated, yesterday they took place, starting at 18:30, the Lazio matches against Turin and Sampdoria against Naples. Probably due to the large turnout of people on the application, many users have reported enormous inconvenience in watching the games, thus missing out on most of the actions.

The situation still seems quite tense, as you can see for yourself by taking a tour on Twitter, and the reports are reaching unthinkable numbers. It is therefore not surprising that the company has decided to provide compensation, on the other hand, the inefficiency caused problems for a large part of the users of the platform, an unequivocal sign that something must have gone wrong.