Blink Mini 2: la videocamera di sicurezza compatta si rinnova thumbnail

Blink Mini 2: the compact security camera gets a makeover

Blinkone of Amazon's companies, presented the new generation of Blink Mini 2, the compact security camera. It now has a weatherproof design and advanced features. For example, color night vision and people detection.

Blink Mini 2: Security at an affordable price, with premium features

At the heart of the Blink Mini 2 camera is the company's custom chip, which aims to combine functionality and affordable price. Thanks to this chip, the camcorder supports advanced functions such as people detection enabled by computer vision. This feature is available with a starting Blink subscription plan from 3 euros per month or 30 euros per year per device.

Blink Mini 2 retains the compact dimensions of the previous model, but is enriched with new features. For example, there is a integrated LED spotlight for color night vision, a wider field of view and better image quality. Furthermore, thanks to the new weatherproof power supply, Blink Mini 2 can be also installed outdoors.

Blink Mini 2 the outdoor video camera from AmazonBlink Mini 2 the outdoor video camera from Amazon

Through the Blink app, you can customize your privacy settings and activity zones, excluding specific areas from recording. All image processing happens locally on the device.

Blink Mini 2 is compatible with Alexaallowing customers to connect the camera to a device Echo to receive alerts, control Live View on demand, turn the camera on and off, and more.

All these new features come at a starting price of 39,99 euroo 49.98 euros bundled with the weatherproof power supply. Blink Mini 2 is available today for anyone looking for an easy-to-use video surveillance system. At a price that's really hard to beat.

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