Dice Legacy is officially available: here is the new trailer

Dice Legacy è ufficialmente disponibile: ecco il nuovo trailer thumbnail

Today DESTINYbit and Ravenscourt celebrate the launch of the award-winning dice-based survival, city builder Dice Legacy (Most Original Game at Gamescom): The title is available for Nintendo Switch and PC. For the occasion, the developers created a new launch trailer and invited all players to try the game, which is structured like a city builder with roguelike mechanics.

Dice Legacy is officially available

Players can finally immerse themselves in one of the most unique games of 2021. A unique blend of survival city builder, roguelike and boardgame. The aim of the game is to build and expand your newly founded settlement, facing various challenges to survive in the mysterious and uncharted ring world.

But every obstacle can be overcome with a good roll of the dice. What will destiny reserve? Perhaps you will find a way to equalize the odds or even make the dice favor the desired outcome. Dice Legacy is a roguelike survival city-builder. Players will use i dice to found a medieval city in a fascinating ring world and to grow their society.

Each action is based on rolling a six-sided die, from planting and harvesting to creating supply chains or fighting. In Dice Legacy, dice represent the workforce. As ruler, builder, conqueror, or merchant, players will need to provide their dice with nourishment and care or witness the disappearance of their subjects.

Balancing exploration, resource gathering, construction and conquest is key as the ever-present threat of mysterious factions looms. Players will soon realize that luck is nothing without a good strategy behind it – and vice versa. In short, if you like video games with a thick strategic sub-layer, Dice Legacy will undoubtedly be for you.

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