Digital Marketing: the interviews and testimonials of the GoDaddy Talks are back

Digital Marketing: the interviews and testimonials of the GoDaddy Talks are back

The GoDaddy Talks appointment is back again this year, with the testimonies of some of the best Italian digital entrepreneurs who have been able to exploit the web to grow and achieve success

GoDaddy, domain provider and global web service provider, proposes 10 appointments unmissable for the second edition of GoDaddy Talks, “Digital chats” which this year will present some new features: there will be the meetings to conduct Veronica Benini, (alias @Spora), a point of reference in digital marketing, after leaving his career as an architect, symbol of how we can reinvent ourselves starting from a blog.

Each event will see as a guest a digital entrepreneur or entrepreneur who will talk about their experience, between obstacles and successes, demonstrating how it is possible to reinvent yourself thanks to digital.

GoDaddy Talks: interviews and case histories to grow online businesses

Ad inaugurate the new edition dei GoDaddy Talks, available for free on GoDaddy’s Facebook page, will be Stefano Porto, Founder and CEO of “ShopFully”, a tech-company created to create digital solutions aimed at creating traffic in physical stores. The appointment is for 18 March at 5.00 pm.

Ad April Riccarda Zezza will be the protagonist of the second meeting: among the 40 social entrepreneurs leading gender innovation in the world, Riccarda is the CEO of “LIFEED”, with over 15 years of experience in communication and management. He launched a learning method of which he recounts the fruits in the book “MAAM – Maternity is a master” and created “Piano C”, the coworking space in Milan designed to offer life-sized work solutions.

During third of the 10 appointments scheduled for 2021, fixed at May, you will be able to hear the testimony of Giuseppe Carciati: restaurateur and digital entrepreneur, after his experiences in “Panino Giusto”, “That’s Vapore” and “Combu”, he co-founded together with Giacomo Messina “L’Orto di Jack”, an omnichannel player in the fruit and vegetable market which, following the lockdown, it renewed its business through digital.

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