Dazn annuncia i nuovi prezzi sugli abbonamenti

DAZN announces further price increase: subscribers protest

DAZN, the increasingly popular sports streaming platform, recently announced another price hike that has shaken up subscribers. According to a press release issued by the company, as of June 3, 2024the monthly subscription cost will increase to 34,99€remaining unchanged for the following 12 months.

This new price represents a significant increase over the previous cost and has sparked a number of negative reactions from users.

Many subscribers feel betrayed by this move on the part of DAZNespecially those who had opted for the DAZN STANDARD Annual Plan with payment in 12 installments, with the price blocked until the contract expires. This option, chosen by many in the June 2023guaranteed them savings of more than that 110€ compared to the costs of Monthly Plan over the past year. However, despite previously established agreements, the announced increase now affects these subscribers too.

In response to growing user concerns, DAZN underlined that price increases are necessary to guarantee better functionality of the services, in line with current legislation and the contractual conditions of use of the services DAZN. However, many people remain skeptical of this explanation and see the price increase as a mere attempt to increase profits at the expense of loyal subscribers.

DAZN announces further price increase: subscribers protestDAZN announces further price increase: subscribers protest

New increases for DAZN

The press release from DAZN also offered users an opt-out option with no penalties or deactivation fees by June 28, 2024, for those who do not agree with the new contractual changes. However, many wonder whether this is enough to quell the growing protests from disappointed subscribers.

Despite the price increase, DAZN continues to promote its vast sporting offering, which includes matches of Serie A TIM until the season 2028/2029, together with an increasingly rich multisport programming. The platform is also committed to constantly improving the streaming experience for users, introducing new features such as “FAN ZONE” and offering exclusive content such as “OPEN VAR“.

In conclusion, yet another price increase by DAZN has sparked a wave of criticism from subscribers who feel disappointed and betrayed. While the company tries to justify this decision with the need to improve the services offered, many users wonder whether the quality-price ratio will still remain convenient.

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