Formentor and Leon di Cupra: renewal between design and technology

Air of renewal at Cupra: the two most iconic models, Formentor and Leon, have been renewed both in design and technological offer

Cuprathe Spanish sports brand of Volkswagen Groupunveils the new look of two of its most iconic models: Formentor e Leon. The first SUV, the second compact, the restyling aims to strengthen the company's position on the market. It does this by combining an even more attractive design with cutting-edge technologies e attention to the environment. Both models adopt the new family feeling of Cupra, characterized by an aggressive front with the logo integrated into the bonnet and the honeycomb grille. THE fari a LED Matrix with triangular light signature and the redesigned bumper complete the aesthetic picture. This new look gives the cars an even sportier and more distinctive look.

Formentor and Leon di Cupra: renewal between design and technologyFormentor and Leon di Cupra: renewal between design and technology

Formentor and Leon: sustainability, power and versatility from the Cupra brand

The interiors have also been renovated, with an eye to sustainability. The materials used are largely recycled, starting from the seats in fabric or microfibre which are 73% recycled. The center console has been redesigned to improve ergonomics and quality. Instead, the digital instrument panel and the 12.9″ infotainment touch screen they offer a more intuitive and connected driving experience. The engine range remains wide and versatile, with petrol, diesel and ibride plug-in. For the Leonthe 1.5 TSI petrol version starts from 150 HP, while the 2.0 TSI reaches 300 HP on the hatchback and 333 HP on the Sportstourer VZ. Also available are the 2.0 TDI diesel versions with 150 HP and plug-in hybrid versions with 204 or 272 HP.

The Formentorhowever, offers the 1.5 TSI petrol version with 150 HP, the 2.0 TSI with 204 HP with four-wheel drive, the sporty VZ variants with 265 or 333 HP, the mild-hybrid version with 150 HP, the 2.0 TDI diesel with 150 HP and the plug-in hybrids with 204 or 272 HP. With this restyling, Formentor and Leon prepare to face an even brighter future. Their attractive design, cutting-edge technology and attention to the environment make them ready to win the hearts of sports driving enthusiasts and those attentive to sustainability.

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