DigitalMente, over 58 thousand students on the path to digital security

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The program digitallydesigned by UNC and supported by TikTok, involved many boys and girls. Indeed they are 1200 schools registered throughout Italy with approx 58,000 students achieved. A project designed to learn how to manage security in the digital world, with interesting ways to involve the very young.

DigitalMente, the UNC and TikTok project is a success

DigitalMente. Learn, create and share digitally safely”Was born as an educational project conceived by the National Consumers Union with the active support of TikTok. Maura MancaPsychotherapist of the Adolescence Observatory, acted as a consultant to create the program.

A project to experience digital in a positive way that involved all of Italy. In fact, most of the students were in Lombardy (17.6%), but many also those in Lazio (10.6%), Sicily (10.3%), Campania (9.3%) and Puglia (8%).

The educational path began in October 2021, involving teachers of lower and upper secondary schools. At the end of the program, the institutes that joined took part in the final competition “Trivia Quiz“. This interactive tool made it possible in a fun way to test knowledge on the subject of online safety.

251 participating classes entered the competition. The awards went to those of the 1st grade secondary school Santa Marta di Cantù (MB) and of secondary school of II degree IISS Augusto Righi of Taranto.

Beyond the winners (to whom our compliments go), the creation of educational materials to address in a stimulating way and with an innovative language is interesting Digital Education. Exploited from beyond 86,000 teachers and their students.

In addition to supporting the project, TikTok also requested the sharing of these materials for all users of the social. In fact you can find the guide for parents and educators “Along with the discovery of TikTok” to this address. A vademecum created in collaboration with the National Consumers Union and the psychotherapist Maura Manca. A way to protect TikTok users, especially the younger ones

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