Does Among Us have a console release date?

A post recently appeared on Twitter may have brought forward the launch date of the console version of the acclaimed Among Us

The news that Among Us he would have his own console version had been confirmed directly by the boys of Innersloth, the authors of the hugely popular game, but without precise details about it being disclosed. To make all those who await news to this effect fibrillate, he thought about it l’account Twitter PlayStation Game Size, known for tracking store updates, may have revealed the longed-for release date.

Among Us: console version date revealed?

The site in question, in relation to the production signed by Innersloth, refers to the next August 31st as the day of release of the console version. Although the account references the release for PlayStation, it cannot be excluded that this indication may also be valid with regard to the launch for Xbox. In the absence of official confirmations from the developers, however, PlayStation Game Size he is keen to indicate the date indicated can be a simple placeholder, urging fans not to take the news for sure and not indulge in premature enthusiasm.

Relating to the game, in the course of the recent Summer Game Fest, the developers have announced the arrival of some new content directed to their creature, which also includes one unedited mode called Hide and Seek, as well as a handful of skins and customizations,

Currently the title is available on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch and PC, where it was among the free games distributed by the Epic Games Store.

Obviously, in the absence of official confirmations, we at also invite you to take the news with all the necessary precautions. We can, however, advise you without delay to take a look at the pages of Instant Gaming, if you are looking for a large group of titles at a discounted price.