Donkey Kong: new game coming?

It’s been quite a few years now since we last saw Donkey Kong, but maybe now it’s time for a new game

Donkey Kong is one of the most iconic series from Nintendo together with Super Mario and the saga of The Legend of Zelda and, after having seen the last Tropical Freeze of 2014, fans are clamoring for a new game dedicated entirely toiconic ape.

Appeared since early eighties, the primate with the tie and his little brother, have also been playable on historical consoles such as the NES and the SNES. Also the same goes for their miniature version!

What do we know about the new Donkey Kong game

From the rumors that recently appeared on the net, especially by theinsider Zippo and theLonelyGoomba user, it seems that a new game of Donkey Kong not really a fantasy based on nothing. Zippo has in fact confirmed on his blog that the development team will be the same as Super Mario Odyssey and that the title could be one of the revelations of the next E3. As for the graphics, there is a certain disagreement because, in an article from Nintendo Life, it is stated that it will be in 2D while Zippo and other insiders claim it will be in 3D.

Donkey Kong: new game coming?

In any case, after its appearance on the various Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, a new chapter of the very nice primate is just what it takes to take back one of the most fun and extraordinarily complex series of the Large N. Of course we remember that these are rumors yet to be confirmed so, at least for the moment, you have curbed your enthusiasm a bit.

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