EA Sports FC 24 review: loving yourself for a new beginning

Torino-Roma: dove vedere la partita?

Like every year, one of the most anticipated, most discussed video games that generates the most hype within the community has arrived but with a completely new name: here is the review of EA Sports FC 24

What is the limit between the search for realism and pure, raw entertainment? This is the question that anyone who starts playing EA Sports FC 24 should probably ask themselves. A question that places us before a choice and the respect of a need that every gamer has and which, above all, every gamer who is passionate about football has. For many, FIFA represented a real approach to video gaming and for others it is the only access channel to a video game. For this reason, write this EA Sports FC 24 review it’s not so easy.

They come into play many elements: childhood and adolescence memories, adoration for a sport, love for a passion (videogames) and many other little things that make up a mosaic whose final result is not always appreciated by everyone. And therefore, what matters most to us is to try to be clear and clear in our judgment of a game which, let’s say right from the start, we liked but for which we cannot highlight any critical issues.

EA Sports FC 24 review: loving yourself for a new beginning

From father to son | EA Sports FC 24 review

Exactly, critical issues (to return to the previous paragraph). FC 24 presents a series of critical issues that in the course of this review will be analysed. The analysis that we will do, however, is a constructive analysis and that, in a certain sense, gives us that turn up of our nose that we feel when a father receives disappointment from a son. We get angry, we don’t talk to each other and we even avoid each other for a while but deep down we are always ready to meet again and then make peace, clarify ourselves to continue spending time together. And time, in FC 24, passes, flows and does so without us realizing it.

That cherry effect present in many hypnotic video games from this point of view, even here, even in FC 24 is present and does its duty. This is because playing this title is fun and this is probably the key theme of our entire examination.

EA Sports FC 24 review: loving yourself for a new beginning

Funny and play with a group of friends, challenging each other in life-or-death tournaments. The career mode is fun, both as a player and as a coach, with the various new features implemented including the innovative Management System which will give you even broader tactical management (close to Football Manager) and greater physical management thanks to the presence of Preparators, then moving on to the player career mode with the possibility of interacting more with the agents. The ultimate team is also fun, to which we will dedicate a separate paragraph.

What makes this title D… you can say so, is a gameplay that gradually moves away from excessive realism to look for a sort of hybrid solution that can please everyone. The gameplay is intuitive and fluid and is positively affected by the innovations imported from the new graphics engine.

EA Sports FC 24 review: loving yourself for a new beginning

(F)UT | Review of EA Sports FC 24

The Ultimate Team is, clearly, the most played mode of the previous titles in the series and also of this one. The mode in which, without going into too much detail cloying presentations and descriptionswe will find ourselves building the team of our dreams through the unpacking of player cards (basic and “special”) which can be earned on the pitch or purchased through in-game credits or, even better, through FC Points to then deploy the players following agreed parameters and so on.

This is where a reflection is necessary by introducing an interesting innovation brought to this modality. The community has often accused previous games of having a component pay to win not insignificant, which from a certain point of view makes a lot of sense, considering what the past events have been. It is also true, however, that the possibility of growth in (F)UT has always been very broad and the growth itself very rapid.

EA Sports FC 24 review: loving yourself for a new beginning

You only need to play a few hours to build a good team. Here the will of the gamer takes over who, in a conscious manner, can decide whether to increase his chances of obtaining an increasingly stronger team, and therefore by purchasing points that allow you to purchase more and more packages, or to continue to earn this opportunity on the field . Often, however, this discourse, so full of morality and a tendency towards greater commitment, can be neutered by someone sense of frustration that this title can cause due to some gameplay flaws.

The most interesting novelty of this ultimate team is certainly represented by the Evolutionsthat is, the possibility of evolving one’s players, thus limiting the need, at least in part and at least in an initial phase (we will see how it evolves over the course of the year but there are good conditions for it to be an impactful innovation ) to perform some microtransactions. Another interesting new feature is that from this year it will be possible to create mixed teams, therefore with both male and female players. This is a very interesting way, in our opinion, of giving the right space also for women’s footballan increasingly growing reality throughout the world

EA Sports FC 24 review: loving yourself for a new beginning

Yes, you mark too much… but how beautiful to see! | EA Sports FC 24 review

In FC 24 you score too much. This is a true, very true statement. The ease with which you can get to the net is truly negligible, whether you are playing against the CPU or against a friend, even a very skilled one. Both the defenses and the goalkeepers are affected too much by the opponents’ offensive raids and unfortunately, this year too, the management of tactics is unable to have much impact on the gameplay. Often in one-on-one situations, defenders, even the best, have little chance of stopping an attacker.

This is because, if basically the gameplay has been slowed down (not in UT, in UT you go much faster) when faced with a player who activates a sprint towards the opponent’s defense, the latter suffers right from the start. too much of the change of speed and it is almost impossible to stop it, unless you are in its trajectory or try to stop it with a slide which, compared to the previous chapter, is a much more effective action.

EA Sports FC 24 review: loving yourself for a new beginning

What is ineffective, however, are the goalkeepers who sometimes perform out-of-context animations for shots and concede goals very easily. At the same time, however, the animations are much more harmonious and beautiful to look at and they also have a noticeable gameplay impact. In fact, different shots, passes and movements are made which then modify certain actions of the players.

Furthermore, visually the game appears cleaner and the player models are a little more faithful to reality. There were few problems relating to the servers and the online connection, nothing that cannot be fixed, just as some bugs and crashes that we encountered while playing could be fixed very easily.

EA Sports FC 24 review: loving yourself for a new beginning

And now, the penalty shootout

Write one FC 24 reviewWe repeat, it is not easy. It is a game that has a strong emotional impact on many of us gamers and it is for this reason that we want to be as fair as possible. FC 24 is to be considered as a new beginning. A new beginning for a series that has the possibility of improving even more and which, compared to the previous chapter, starts from some better foundations. This FC 24 is to be considered, to remain in the football field, as a young talent ready to (re)bloombut to do so he requires a lot of care and attention both on the part of the coaches who will find him in the team (Electronic Arts) and on the part of the fans (us) who will have to know how to wait, criticize in a constructive way but appreciate his plays which are the result of his undoubted quality.

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Now extra time begins!

Points in favor

  • FC 24 is fun in all its modes
  • The gameplay is intuitive and fluid
  • Right space for women’s football
  • Evolutions in UT limit microtransactions…
  • New engine, new animations…

Points against

  • Too much scoring, goalkeepers and defenses need fixing
  • …but they don’t eliminate its usefulness
  • …the animation script is still a bit invasive