Hisense, from 100-inch TVs to household appliances: all the news

Hisense, dalle TV da 100 pollici agli elettrodomestici: tutte le novità thumbnail

Hisense presented several new features for 2023: from a 100-inch ULED TV until home appliances for all your needs. The washing machines from the 5s series, the new Chill Fridge Pro refrigerators and with cross door display. With particular attention to the latest technologies and design (a line of total black kitchen products is also coming soon).

100-inch TVs, washing machines, refrigerators: all Hisense news

Hisense has unveiled its latest range of TV Mini-LED ULED, among which an incredible 100-inch television stands out. This new series promises to deliver crisp images, great sound and easy-to-use features, elevating the television experience to new heights.

A key feature of this TV range is the Mini-LED technology found in all ULED series. This offers maximum brightness, contrast and details. Which thanks to Local Dimming adjusts the contrast for each image. With over a billion vivid colors thanks to technology Quantum Dot and theHi-View Engine to constantly optimize image quality. Furthermore, it offers a 144 Hz refresh rate.

The new Hisense TVs, up to 100 inches

Hisense’s range of Mini-LED ULED TVs is made up of four main models: the top of the range UXQ (65 and 85 inches), followed by U8KQ, U7KQ (up to 100 inches) and U6KQ

Hisense has also obtained accreditation IMAX Enhanced for its U8 series, meaning these TVs deliver a cinema-like experience, calibrated to the director’s vision.

The U7 and U6 series complete Hisense’s ULED Mini-LED TV range, optimized for gaming and sports. Plus, thanks to the immersive audio of Dolby Atmos, the overall experience is truly cinematic. And with a 100-inch display, Hisense TVs really come close to the experience of walking into a movie theater.

The new series of washing machines

Hisense has also launched its own new washing machine WF5S1045BW Series 5s, a product with a high technological level. In fact, one of the main features is the app Connect Life, available for Android and iOS smartphones, which allows you to manage the wash cycle with extreme simplicity. The function Smart Wizard allows you to select the type of fabric, the colour, the level of dirt and the presence of any specific stains to obtain the best combination of temperature, time and water for perfect and like new garments. Furthermore, Energy Monitoring di Connect Life allows you to monitor water and energy consumption, suggesting washing methods to save on bills.

The 5s Series washing machine also features the system Auto Dosing, which eliminates the need to pour detergent in each wash. A 1000 ml dispenser manages the detergent for 24 washes with a single refill, ensuring practicality and convenience. Other useful features include Pause & Add, to add items during the ongoing wash cycle. AND Delay End, to program the end time of the wash. Furthermore, with Quick Wash it is possible to wash up to 1 kg of laundry in just 15 minutes and 4 kg in 59 minutes.

All with maximum hygiene. In fact, Steam technology releases high temperature steam from the bottom of the basket, eliminating the 99% of bacteria and allergens from clothes. The 5s Series washing machine also includes a cycle for cleaning the drum and the system Pure Jet, which guarantees more effective rinsing and the removal of dirt from the door and bellows.

The 5s Series washing machine is eco-friendly, with a class A energy certification which guarantees low consumption and energy savings of 27% compared to class E. It is available at the suggested price of 649 euro.

The new refrigerators

A new cross door refrigerator also arrives, the model RQ760N4IFE four-door. This smart refrigerator offers a host of cutting-edge features to ensure freshness, convenience of use and a multimedia environment in the kitchen.

Hisense crossdoor display 2 min

The cooling system Triple Cooling Independently controls the temperature and humidity in the three compartments. The antibacterial seal prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria. With function My Fresh Choice, you can convert one of the compartments from a freezer to a refrigerator, adapting the spaces to your needs. And the lining Metal Cooling improves the distribution of cold and gives an elegant look to the interior of the refrigerator.

The refrigerator has an ice and water dispenser, capable of producing up to 2.2 kg of ice per dayor. The adjustable shelves ei 477 liters of volume available allow you to easily organize food. Furthermore, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and has a multimedia touch display that allows you to watch movies, TV series, sporting events and more.

Chill Fridge hisense min

Hisense also launched the new line of frigoriferi single door Chill Fridge Pro, with an elegant design and advanced performance. These refrigerators offer a large compartment with a transparent door, glass shelves, and a spacious balcony. The capacity is 151 litres, ideal for small spaces.

The line is available in different color variations and includes LED lighting capabilities and protection from voltage surges. Prices start from 299 euro for the RR106 model, 329 euros for the RR198 and 349 euros for the RR220.

Hisense Blackline, the new total black line

Hisense has launched its new range of Blackline ovenswhich stands out for a design total black fascinating and a host of innovative features. This line of kitchen appliances includes four multifunction ovens, a compact combi and a microwave ovenproviding cooking enthusiasts with a wide range of options to satisfy their culinary needs.

The top model of this range, the BSA66346PBGWIFIoffers considerable capacity from 77 literswhich makes it ideal not only for voluminous dishes but also for simultaneous multi-level cooking.

hisense blackline min

One of the most surprising features is the 300 degree cooking functionwhich overcomes the temperature limitations of traditional domestic ovens (usually up to 250 degrees), allowing you to prepare foods that require extremely high temperatures, such as pizza.

This top model also comes with a integrated steam generator which improves cooking times and pyrolytic cleaning functionality to remove stubborn grease. The Blackline range also offers connectivity Wi-Fi tramite l’app ConnectLifeallowing consumers to monitor and control their ovens remotely.

You can find all the news on the Hisense website.

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