Eagle Pictures: the news On Demand April 2021

Eagle Pictures: the news On Demand April 2021

Eagle Pictures has released the On Demand news for the month of April 2021, including action films and for the whole family

There are many digital releases from Eagle Pictures and among these, there are the on demand news arriving in April 2021.Three titles that are distributed on major platforms, Apple TV, iTunes, Chili, Rakauten TV, Google Play Film, Timvision and Prime Video and among these also an animated film for the whole family.

Eagle Pictures: the On Demand news for April 2021

It starts on April 1st with the action-packed film The rising hawk by John Wynn and Akhtem Seitablaev. A perfect historical reconstruction with majestic battle scenes for a production that hit the Eastern European box office, enriched by a talented cast. In the 13th century the Mongol empire was at the peak of its expansion and the conquest of the territories proceeded unabated. The invasion of Europe is upon us, but strenuous resistance is entrusted to the warriors of a small frontier village in the Carpathian Mountains. In order to face the enemy, their leader Zakhar is forced to enlist the help of fighters from neighboring regions and sends his sons to forge alliances. Will they be able to unite the various factions before the invader arrives?

The month of April continues dedicated to entertainment for the whole family with La principessa incantata in By Malamuzh. An animated film of the highest quality that makes you laugh and have fun in the wake of Disney classics like Frozen and Rapunzel, telling the adventures of a brave princess who will win the hearts of young and old. In a faraway land live two young dreamers, Ruslan and Mila. He is a young actor who dreams of becoming a knight, she is a princess in disguise, ran away from home because she is tired of living according to her father’s rules. But Ruslan, who fell in love with Mila at first sight, still doesn’t know this. When Mila is suddenly kidnapped by the powerful and evil sorcerer Chornomor, the King promises his daughter’s hand to the knight who will rescue her. For Ruslan it is time to prove his worth and he embarks on an adventurous journey full of magical challenges, in the company of a cat and a mischievous hamster. Will they be able to save the princess?

Also coming in April the spectacular Samurai marathon – The Lords of the Shogun by Bernard Rose. From the Oscar-winning producers of the films The Last Emperor and 13 Assassins, embellished with the music of the great composer Philip Glass and the scenographic costumes created by Emi Wada, Oscar winner for Akira Kurosawa’s “Ran”, the film is based on a true story, with unforgettable combat sequences. The story takes place in 1855, at the time of feudal Japan of the approach of the American “black ships” to the coasts of the country. To prepare his warriors for the potential attack of the foreign invader, Katsuakira Itakura, the lord of Annaka, organizes a 58-kilometer run through coasts, forests and mountains. But the contest is seen as a hostile act by Edo’s central government, whose Shogun sends a group of assassins to settle the score. To prevent the marathon from turning into tragedy, also due to a misinterpreted message from him, a young spy in the service of the Shogun will have to outrun the assassins, putting her own loyalty to the test.