Easy Rider: reboot coming for the cult film?

Avvocato fallimentare: cosa fa e come trovarlo

The fashion for reboots doesn’t seem to stop; this time to be affected is the famous cult film of the 60s, Easy Rider – Freedom and fear

Some hate them, others welcome them with extreme enthusiasm. It’s about the reboot which lately seem to be back in fashion, re-proposing films from the past. The last, in order of time, concerns Easy Rider – Freedom and fearconsidered by many to be one of the best films of all time.

Easy Rider, a classic released way back in 1969 and established itself as symbol of youth countercultureseems to have been considered for a updated version. Of course, if many can’t wait to see the feats of the famous riders on the big screen, others turn up their noses at the mere thought, often for fear that the new film is not up to par, in terms of media and emotional impact, of the version original.

The idea of ​​a reboot

The first to break the news of a reboot for Easy Rider was Varietyconfessing that those who hold the rights, namely the Kodiak Pictures by Maurice Fadida, i Defiant Studios of Eric B. Fleischman and il Jean Boulle Group, are looking for screenwriters and directors, capable of transforming the original story, proposing it in a more modern key but still with a radical imprint. It was Fadida himself who made some statements to Variety about the project:

Our aim is to build on the counterculture and the theme of freedom that the original left us, to give today’s youth a film that pays serious attention to their countercultures and hardships.

The idea has given rise to many perplexities, not only for the idea of ​​making a new version of the film, but also for its intent. Reworking a film based on new, more modern ideals is not easy. Not only that, it could completely deconstruct the meaning of the originalin this case written to show the youth culture of the 60s to a society that didn’t understand it.

Easy Rider: reboot coming for the cult film?

The original version of Easy Rider

Easy Rider – Freedom and fear was written and performed by Dennis Hopper who, in the guise of Billy, starred alongside Peter Fonda e Jack Nicholsonrespectively Wyatt “Capitan America” e George Hanson.

The film tells the story of two young rebels, who decide to embark on a motorcycle trip and cross the United States. Their goal? Finding freedom. Their research, however, clashes fiercely with the American society of the time.

It is no coincidence that the film became a symbol for the young people of those years. The film was in fact created starting from experiences lived by its creators, thus giving it a sense of realism. Will the Easy Rider reboot be able to do the same? We just have to wait to find out.

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